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2019 Bitcoin BTC Bull Market Top 3 Trading Strategies!

Super excited to go over some altcoin swing trading strategies, some BitMex trading strategies as well as some long-term investing strategies.

So I wanted to go over how to best utilize this bull market in 2019 because it’s very different from what we saw in 2017. You guys know that this is a lot more of a smarter market and with that being said we’re going to look at Bitcoins technical analysis and move into these trading strategies and then cover some headlines including record levels of hash power right now for Bitcoin as well as some possible altcoins that may see high price action movement over the next few months because not every altcoin is seeing action. If you look at some of these coins like litecoin, BTC or Ethereum, you can see on a daily chart or on the weekly chart we’re seeing a lot less action than some of these other coins like BTT where we had over 40% gains from our signal over the weekend and so we’re going to talk about which coins to watch as well as the best trading strategies to utilize during this bull market and then take some audience questions and look at Altcoin analysis to see if we can find some other Altcoins that potentially have amazing price movements ahead.

I want to cover this Bitcoin technical analysis and talk about what happened over the weekend, we were watching this $13,500 resistance level and you can see we never broke that daily candlestick above that level which I explained. That second scenario that was going to occur where we see downside and a potential consolidation zone for Bitcoin happened. Now Altcoins can start to move back up and what’s happening right now is we saw this resistance, we saw this pullback back down to the support of around $10600 and we saw that pops right back up and this was a perfect ABC correction. When looking at this on the four hour you can see we have this ABC and this for a fourth and final wave. Allowing us to go above this accumulation zone from $9810 towards this consolidation zone and this is really the zone that we want to see Bitcoin consolidate over the next few days or over the next week or two. For us to start seeing altcoins come into the equation and start to see major gains with these altcoins.

If you look at coinmarket cap one thing I want you guys to realize is where we are now when we look at this chart while bitcoin is down. All of these altcoins are up in satoshi value so we’re going to start to see this back and forth switch over and over again and that’s one thing you definitely have to pay attention to when successfully trading this market. So understanding that we may see this consolidation occur for the next few days and want to start looking at where the altcoins and possible opportunities are going to be.

Looking at the Total Cryptocurrency Market cap chart on the weekly because as you can see it’s a little bit of a better market structure that we’re seeing here where we now see on this weekly this drop right down to this known resistance level that was previous support. If we pull up this daily, you can probably see it a lot better so you’ve got this level here that acted as support once twice three times then acted as resistance in the past as we all know previous resistance typically means that that’s going to be future support and that’s exactly where we found support on.

So that 280 billion dollar market cap zone. is really the prime area of support right now for us to expect some of these coins to start seeing higher price movements being that we went ahead and saw this correction straight to that known support previous resistance level. So this in my opinion is showing perfect market structure for us to start seeing altcoin opportunities and swing trades and right now.

Let’s pull up BTT/BTC because once again this is a coin I’ve talked about since the beginning of this year as a long-term hold because not every coin in this new bull market is going to see price action to the upside because this investor market is a lot smarter. So when we look at BTT, for example you can see this is a very easy trade opportunity because it hit all-time lows here where we saw this previous bottom form at 9 Satoshis that’s why we sent out that signal as an entry from 9 to 11 Satoshis and you can see with a coin like this where it’s only valued at 9 satoshis and now it’s at 13 Satoshi’s when we see any price action. We’re going to see major gains as you can see we saw over 58% gains just in the last couple of days from this movement and that means is whatever you put into BTT instead of having in Bitcoin you would have gained 60% more Bitcoin for having your capital in this trade. You have to understand when we’re swing trading these altcoins we’re looking for these great opportunities where market structure is showing that there’s most likely going to see price action to the upside.

For example BNB this was another signal we posted this was a very strong pullback to upside over 23% over the last couple days, but then when you look at some other charts like Ethereum and Litecoin you’re not necessarily seeing the best market structure and I want to talk a little bit about this because you have to understand that a lot of these coins are outdated. Ethereum was coded by an 18 year old and almost a decade ago, right? So is that going to be the best place to invest your money? I don’t necessarily think so and we’re going to talk about some articles that will also prove this fact.

For example, If you look at the Vechain Foundation they buy back 25 million of Vechains coins and when you look into this article you can see it says the buybacks are in celebration of the 12 month anniversary of Vechain mainnet when it made the move from being an ethereum based token, right? So this isn’t just something that we’re only seeing with Vechain. This happened with Tron as well you can see this is becoming a bit of a trend recently just last week Tron celebrated its independence from Ethereum by buying back 20 million of its own currency. Now we’re starting to see a shift in dynamics and I think the biggest key word here is trend right because as an investor you want to follow trends but you want to be a part of the trend before it becomes mainstream and now that we’re starting to see this trend where we’re seeing a lot of these companies leaving Ethereum. It should make you realize that Ethereums use case is just not there as it was in 2017 when it was raising millions and millions and at the time billions of dollars in initial coin offerings and right now we’re not necessarily seeing that type of use case and we’re seeing some of these other Dapp application platforms like Tron and Vechain move away from the Ethereums blockchain.

It’s not like Litecoin where you know, The founder of litecoin Charlie Lee sold all of his Litecoin when it hit a peak in 2017. We’re seeing companies take a different approach like Tron and like Vechain where they’re like hey we’re going to start buying back our coins or like BNB, We’re going to start burning coins, right? Those are the companies those are the altcoins that you want to start watching because this new cycle in my opinion what’s going to happen is not every altcoin is necessarily going to see the type of upside as some other ones.

Another chart here that can prove that statement is looking at Bitcoins dominance here at the start of the year BTC was at 41% dominance while right now it’s over 60% and when that happened you can see coins like Ethereum went from 17% where they’re currently at 10% dominance it lost a lot of dominance. When you look at some of these other coins when you look at this last one right here that grey one if you see all the way at the bottom where it says 22% at the start of the year that’s every cryptocurrency passed the top 10 started the year at 22% dominance. Right now it’s currently at 17% dominance so not as much of a drop as Ethereum. but definitely a drop so what that shows you and what that shows me as an analyst is that we have to be fundamentally sound when investing in these altcoins. You can’t just go into these altcoins based on what they did in 2017 that’s why I think it’s really important to get your information from the right resource.

You can see with Litecoin we saw this pop back up and now we’re hitting a previous support which can now lead us to resistance. It’s not as appetizing and attractive as a chart like BTT where there’s not necessarily that much resistance as it starts to head back up in satoshi value. So that’s the biggest thing when it comes to altcoins, with this action in this 2019 bull market in comparison to 2017 you want to be sure that you’re investing in the right coins always.

With leverage trades in this market there’s so much price action and volatility that it gives you such a great opportunity to make capital and make exponential gains on smaller accounts. When you look at our premium signals, you can see yesterday alone we had a Bitcoin long signal we hit all five targets here leading us to over 20% gains on 5x leverage or just 4% gains if you were to trade those with no leverage.

I’m going to kind of go through that exact trade with you and talk about why this was such an obvious trade and why we’re going to see a lot more of these obvious trades in this market now. What’s actually forming right now is very interesting, if we can actually pop back up into this consolidation zone right now you can see we dropped into that accumulation zone and we saw price action to upside. If you guys are looking at this market short-term, we want to see that break past $10600 into that consolidation zone right now and that’s really what we’re watching here with Bitcoin. I don’t believe that’s going to be an issue based upon the bullish market action that we’ve seen here over the past few weeks.

Let me go ahead and pull up my indicators here one more time and talk a little bit about the Bitcoin BitMex opportunities here, understand what this market structure is showing us here is that we have found. consolidation around that $10400 to $11,200 range now. When we saw Bitcoin drop all the way back from this resistance down to this known support and then start to head back up and see another downside this right here was the completion of the ABC correction and in my opinion this right here was such an obvious trade and this was a huge opportunity in this market. This is where we called our entry for our Bitcoin long yesterday and it was because we headed towards these known levels were in the past these wicks resulted in very very nice gains. You can do a 6% gain from that wick in this consolidation zone and so as we start to see Bitcoin consolidate, there are going to be a lot more of these BitMex opportunities.

If we start to see this consolidation we may see this type of price action and we might see this up and down and this would be a good long entry because yesterday when we entered that long immediately we saw that 4% upside where we were able to take over 20% gains on 5x leverage from a very low risk leverage trade being the fact that we were heading towards these known consolidation levels. The other aspect of trading this market is going to be the leverage side and when you’re working with smaller accounts, leverage trades could really allow you to exponentially multiply these accounts fast without necessarily having to wait for those large swing trades but when you’re trading larger capital, I would highly recommend being a lot less risky with your capital and then utilizing more of those one-to-one trading ratios with typical Binance. trades and swing trades.

Question from Mark D: Time to short Bitcoin looking for $9200?

Response: I would never short a trending bull market, we’re still in this bull market and we’re still trending up. There’s no reason to ever short a bull market trend. I even told all of my analyst I said, there are no shorts that can be called right now in this bull market, it’s the most dangerous way to leverage trade in my opinion. So I would not be shorting a bull market until we have confirmation that we’re seeing a correction that we’re back in a bear phase. That’s when we can possibly start shorting but right now would not be the time to short in my opinion. It’s the fact that as long as you follow the long-term trend while yes, there may not be as much trading opportunities as there are for crypto swing trades but when there are opportunities in a bull trend they’re pretty obvious. We can pretty much repeat that over and over again if we were to look at any of these consolidation zones right here, support resistance, support resistance than. drops back down we knew this was a good entry for a long and then you saw those gains to the upside. So over and over again you can take advantage of those swings and those small pieces of volatility in this market. Understand that overall this market in a fundamental sense as a long-term investor is a good market to start dollar-cost averaging a position into and when dollar-cost averaging a position as a long-term investor, you want to take advantage of these huge pull backs and you also want to take advantage of rebalancing your portfolio.

For example, when Bitcoin hit these highs at these resistance levels, it might be a good time to then move your capital and rebalance that into altcoins or tether them for you to then go ahead and re-enter at a lower price or go ahead and trade the other side of the market which in this case would be the altcoin market so that’s the long term perspective.

To move on and talk a little bit about some Fundamentals that really matter here are the confirmed transactions per day this is a year chart of confirmed transactions per day, this shows you what happened here with that when we saw a $20,000 Bitcoin during that 2017 bull market and you can see we only stayed above that 350,000 transactions per day level for only a short amount of time. Where as right now with this bull market we are finding good support at these higher levels of over 350,000 transactions per second. And so if you were to ask me a question right now and say hey Naeem, Do you see this market as stronger than what we saw in 2017? I would say 100% absolutely! Yes, especially with all the new companies with all of the new fundamentals, you know all the aspects of this market where you have Facebook announcing its new coin you have BitTorrent launching its Testnet here July 1st, which we’ll talk about in just a second. I think it’s a lot stronger and proven itself here with the fundamentals.

Here’s another awesome article here showing us very good fundamentals for Bitcoins record levels of hash powers shows trust and Bitcoin has never been higher. You can see here it says the hash rate of Bitcoin hit 68 million tera hash on June 29th an all-time high for the Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin hash rate has been on an upward trend since mid December which is pretty much when we started to see this bull market take off and has been at a 113 % increase from that point. Why is that important? Well that’s showing you that we have a record number of Hash power mining Bitcoin right now, which is showing a lot of trust in this asset that is a storage of value. If you guys know right now the market in the overall world economy right now is shifting quite a bit as we’re starting to see fiat currency hit lows and then coins or assets and storages of value like gold hit these highs.

If we pull up the gold chart here, you can see it broke this longtime resistance and now we are seeing a little bit of a pullback and what would be very interesting is for us to now find this resistance as now the support for gold. That’s going to prove that not only is it just Bitcoin that’s going to. start to see bullish action as we start to head towards the later part of 2019 but we’re also going to see that with some of these other assets like gold that are limited in quantity and have those intrinsic properties that make them valuable.

So do you guys agree with me or disagree by the way about the whole world economy and perspective of Fiat currencies is starting to see a decline of liquidity and more of these storage of value assets like Gold and Bitcoin are starting to see more and more confidence with investors capital. Do you guys agree that’s going to be a continued trend as we hit the later part of 2019?

Question from Johnny: Have you ever currently or ever been paid to promote BTT?

Response: No, not at all the reason BTT for me is a long-term hold because it has a lot of aspects to it similar to the Facebook coin and I’ll talk about why. So understand this for us to see any sort of confidence in this market we need to see use cases, so we’re looking for the coins that have the potential for the most use case. The coins that are going to have the potential for the most use cases are the coins that are being built on platforms or communities that have already been established, right? So BitTorrent has been around for decades. I’m glad you guys agree with the gold and the storage of value perspective I have been talking about what’s a good altcoin you have to be on the. lookout and look at it’s current properties and its current intrinsic value. With BitTorrent it’s been around for so long and it has a community and that’s why I have confidence.

As a matter of fact that actually moves us onto our last article here, it says your Trons ceo prepares crypto sphere for launch of BitTorrent killer app set for Monday July 1st. Tron says the new file system protocols does distributed web platform powered by blockchain technology the crypto based system rewards users with a BitTorrent token in exchange for sharing files and enabling faster downloads. Now the reason I’m so confident in the BitTorrent token is because people have been seeding downloads for decades that BTT has been around, but they’ve never been rewarded for them. If you guys understand how BitTorrent works see for the most part, I would assume that you asked me that question Johnny because you just don’t understand BitTorrent, right? I understand BitTorrent, which is why I have my perspective on it. If you don’t understand what you’re investing in that I wouldn’t invest in it. So I’m glad you asked that question.

I’m here to show you guys that there are actual fundamentals that lead to these coins seeing major gains BNB; in 2018 was the one coin I talked about as being the best coin to invest in for 2018 during that whole market and guess what? It was the #1 coin of 2018.

Why did I assume it was going to be BNB; because they had such a huge user base and they got it in such a short amount of time that it only made sense that people were going to use the BNB coin in 2018 versus other coins. Hopefully that makes sense and that’s why I am bullish on BTT but the other aspect of BTT is Justin Sun is behind it with Trons amazing press releases Justin is like the master of hype in my opinion and you definitely need marketing when you have any type company. So him being a master at marketing and him already owning Tron, I just believe that it makes sense for him to allow BTT to also be a very successful project. I don’t think he wants to put his eggs all in one basket that isn’t going to necessarily bring him an ROI and the other aspect too. If he bought BitTorrent, right?

And so if he was going to acquire a company and then allow it to fail that would be a stupid decision in my opinion. He’s a young ambitious entrepreneur and a lot of people are trying to look up to him. Yes, you might not have the best perspective of Justin Sun in the US because he might be a little different than the rest but at the end of the day people are looking up to him as a Mark Zuckerberg. He’s a young wealthy successful entrepreneur and with the case with Justin. Sun and therefore BTT it’s a very strong project in my opinion.

Question from Robert; How do you play oversold bounces?

Response: I wouldn’t play the oversold bounce. I would set the play up before the oversold bounce. I would set that buy entry at a level that I know a wick can possibly occur. That entry can occur during that wick with price action, and then it can solidify the profits immediately after the entry. So that’s my favorite way of trading those wicks.

I know one coin that a lot of people have been talking about that is a potential long-term hold here is the Harmony coin here. It’s another fairly new coin you can see it bottomed out here and already over the last few days we’ve seen gains of over 60% very similar to what we’re seeing with the BTT coin. So looking at this chart it does not look too bad at the end of the day some of these charts here you have to understand because they don’t have enough history, it’s going to be harder to do a technical analysis. We can assume certain market structure levels here and we can assume that 213 to 260 here’s a consolidation zone. At the end of the day for coins like 1BTC BTT, It’s more based on fundamentals than it is on technical analysis. So be very aware of that and I think that’s one reason that you want to make sure you’re getting information from legitimate sources.

Question from One: Could you take a look at KMD?


I don’t like the coins that are breaking these support levels and then seeing upward price movement, now the one thing I do like about KMD is that there is some buy volume coming in. So this does look good and it didn’t necessarily break this too much on the daily. You can see the body of the candle is still above that support so this actually does look like a pretty good chart. KMD does not look that bad and KMD does have some use cases such as with its atomic swaps. So there is some fundamentals about KMD that makes sense as well. But at the end of the day, I think there are some better opportunities than KMD in this market right now.

So any other coins that you guys think have major opportunity in?

2017monsterofPuppets says Dent. So Dent has had quite a bit of press. Let’s pull up Dent, you can see this is a coin that looks really good. I really like the chart here and I’ll tell you exactly why major buy volume down here. So you can see we’ve got this good amount of buying volume we dropped down to this support and we didn’t break support. You can see the body of this wick is still above that support if we pull up this daily you can see this MACD we’re starting to see this over stretched on the seller side a and now we can potentially start to see this pull itself back, right? So if I were to send an an entry signal signal lookinging at this, this is a perfect opportunity.

Th, tis is a perfect play here y as you can see if you if you were to set a stop loss right down here at 10 Satoshis currently at 14 Satoshi’s its it’s perfect entry. W. We saw this consolidation and you’ve got this target 25 Satoshi’s if you were to enter this trade right now you have the potential for 72% gains just on this trade alone. You can see good amounts of buy volume on the daily chart , amazing MACD , the structure here for the RSI is completely down to the oversold levels. When it comes to trading remember it’s all about risk to reward, so when you’re putting in that long position you want to see okay, what’s the risk here? What is the reward here?

There’s a lot more reward than risk on this trade, that’s why it makes sense.

Marcus white says Link?

Response: Great. Let’s look at Link, let’s see what we’ve got here in terms of risk to reward. So something like this, I would not get into it’s already seen it’s upside which is very high risk. Its MACD does not look good and it’s ready to head back down on the weekly. Very very high amounts of volume, now a coin like Link seeing this type of exponential parabolic increase this is almost always a fundamental reason. We have to be specific with our fundamentals when looking at a coin like this because if we’re not specific with our fundamentals then we’ll make bad decisions. The only reason we’re seeing this exponential increases parabolic growth is because of a fundamental reason and so this would be a different scenario. Obviously with Link I haven’t done my fundamental research, so I don’t want to ever talk about something I’m not fully confident or competent in but at the end of the day, this is more of a mental rise than it is about anything technical.

Johnny says EOS is holding nicely?!

Response: Let’s pull up EOS which doesn’t look bad, right?

We’ve got this bottom here on the RSI. You’ve got this support that held itself, right? It’s not like Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum, where it’s not holding its support. No, this is holding its support very strong, which is great and so now you have this risk to reward opportunity if we pull this up here You’ve got this amazing risk to reward here with a stop-loss set around that four thousand seven hundred fifteen Satoshi mark. You have that 83% to 16% risk to reward for an amazing swing trade.So that’s what we’re looking for in this market, the reason I wouldn’t send a signal out for this is the volume for me is not necessarily the best I don’t like seeing very high sell volume here with moderate buy volume. I like seeing charts that we pulled up like Dent with high buy volume low sell volume. So that’s more of what I’m looking for when looking for alerts, I’m not just posting any trade on my premium group I’m only posting the best of the best because there’s just not any room to lose money at the end of the day. It’s all about capital preservation there’s too many opportunities in this market to rush trades and not let the trades come to you versus you coming to the trade.

Monster says what’s happening with XVG had great use case of pornhub usage?


No, it actually didn’t they’re not necessarily seeing much use case with XVG. as a matter of fact you’ll see companies like quote-unquote pornhub, you know take on a coin like XVG because of marketing XVG pays them and says hey could you market this coin for me by accepting it on your website? Yes, we can. Okay, cool now we accept XVG does that mean it’s being used not necessarily so I don’t know where you got that information but typically people are getting the information from unreliable sources and I think that’s a sad thing in this market and that’s why I put myself in a position to work hard I’m advising 10-plus blockchain companies and I do that not just because I want to advise companies for no reason It’s because I want to be behind the scenes and get the truth not just the press, just be very careful with where you get your information.

So I appreciate all of you guys and I hope this gave you a good understanding of the 2019 bull market the different type of investors in this market and the top ways to trade this market. Thank you so much for tuning in everyone and with that being said TPC family, Naeem out!



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