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Snipers, you have to see what’s happening

to the Cryptocurrency market today as it
is clear that Bitcoin is having

a successful rescue operation
with the price now back above thirty four

thousand seven hundred eighty eight,
which is now going to be the most

important support level
for us to start watching.

And Bitcoin is heading towards the 50 day
moving average where there is now

confluence with the thirty eight
thousand dollar resistance level.

If this resistance breaks,
this is going to be a massive moment

for Bitcoin because that could be
the confirmation that we’re heading

straight towards the 200 day moving
average at forty four thousand US dollars.

That’s when we can start assuming

a potential reversal
in the more macro trend.

This is an extremely important time

for Bitcoin, but more importantly, the
overall total Cryptocurrency market cap.

Because if we look at what’s happening

to Altcoins, we’ll take a look at a theory
about others dominance,

showing signs of strength exactly as we
want at this morti year support level.

And the reason I am excited about this is

because every analyst is
saying Altcoin season is over.

But I’ve been maintaining myself saying

as long as we’re above the 20 week moving
average at home base,

the Altcoin chart is the most bullish
chart in the Cryptocurrency market right

now because it’s the only one that has yet
to cross below the 200 day moving average.

You look at Bitcoin, you look at Ethereum.

The US dollar price has crossed
below the 200 day moving average.

But the others dominance chart,

which does factor in Ethereum and all
other Altcoins in the market,

is actually showing a bullish retest
of a multi-year support that now could

make us assume that we could potentially
start to see the early signs of a lower

high or potentially even a higher high
form here,

meaning that Altcoins could be stronger
than Bitcoin coming into Q3 and Q4.

The question is,
what Altcoins are those going to be?

Is this actually going
to come to fruition?

So far, it looks really good when we look

at the theory to Bitcoin chart,
the leading indicator for most Altcoins

when above home base at the 20 week moving

the daily chart showing an extremely
bullish retest of the one hundred day

moving average for those that have
been tuned into the Snipers channel.

We took our Altcoin positions down
at these lower levels two days ago when

Ethereum the US dollar price tested
the 1760 area for the first time since we

came down from the initial lows
that Bitcoin saw on the twenty third

of May that allowed us to get
in a position at seventeen seventy seven.

But we didn’t just interpret them.

For those in the Discord,
that link isn’t a reversal.

We entered maker Dow
at nineteen forty five.

We entered Linc at sixteen
dollars and twenty five cents.

These trades are already fifteen percent

profit Kusama thirty
five percent in profits.

We entered at one sixty five

Altcoins are showing more strength
in Bitcoin during this bounce.

And as I talked about yesterday, this

higher load that Bitcoin formed
on the twenty sixth of June, which was a

couple of days ago, Saturday
was the best opportunity to enter

into Altcoins drop this
whole consolidation period.

Is this going to be the trend as we head

into Q3 and Q4 that Altcoins are
going to be strong against Bitcoin?

That’s something we’re
going to talk about today.

We’ll take a look at traditional
markets like the DXY Gold in the S&P.

Five hundred how that’s going
to affect the Cryptocurrency market.

But it’s clear right now,
as we talked about yesterday

when we pulled the 4-hour chart up,
Bitcoin was having a cup of coffee after

testing the thirty four thousand seven
hundred and eighty dollars level.

Whatever analyst you guys watch on YouTube
may have said that thirty three thousand

dollars over thirty two
thousand dollars level.

Obviously, those didn’t give us

the confirmations like the thirty four
thousand seven hundred and eighty eight

dollars level did, because, look,
we form this bullish like like I talked

about yesterday and continuation
to the upside now heading towards

a monthly open at thirty seven thousand
three hundred, Bitcoin is primed to come

to thirty eight thousand test
the 200 day moving average.

We get above the 200 day moving average.

Now we have a potential reversal in trend.

Now, that’s going to take Bitcoin a lot
of time here,

potentially because there’s this big range
between the thirty eight thousand dollars

level on the forty one thousand nine
hundred and fifty dollars level.

But it’s all on the table,

especially across the fifty day moving
average to the 200 day moving average.

There’s a lot to look at today.

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My name is Naeem Alobaidi.

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First, I want to talk about what’s

happened in Bitcoin and continue
from where we left off yesterday.

We came down form this high or low,

had this bullish flag at thirty four
thousand seven hundred eighty eight

Bitcoin telling us this
is an important level.

This right now, thirty four thousand seven

hundred eighty eight is
more important than ever.

We need to hold this level to.

Assoon continued upside for not just

Bitcoin, but the overall markets,
including Altcoins.

But here’s what I’m thinking.

It’s pretty clear at this point Bitcoin is
going to have the opportunity to test

the thirty eight thousand dollars level
with the 50 day moving average here.

But the real question is, could we
get to the 200 day moving average?

Well, in my opinion, if Bitcoin
sees the strength and the continuation,

as we’re expecting right now,
heading towards the thirty thousand dollar

level, it’s going to be a very momentous
time to see what happens to you.

Because if we see a rejection and we see
continued consolidation for Bitcoin

between thirty thousand and thirty five
thousand, that to me is a confirmation.

It’s time to look at Altcoins right now

because you’re going to be
waiting a long time.

If you’re hoping Bitcoin isn’t a breakout

of the thirty thousand dollar level,
we truly see sell pressure and volume,

come in and reject the Bitcoin price
at the thirty thousand dollars level.

We have the 60 day moving average.

Now, let’s say the opposite happens.

We come into the weekend,
we break through thirty eight thousand.

That to me puts the Altcoins scenario off

the table and I think we could see
some strength with Bitcoin dominance.

But the thirty eight thousand dollars

level right now is more
important than it’s ever been.

If we cross above this, that could
show a lot of strength for Bitcoin.

Of course, Altcoins will do well,

but I think Bitcoin may take the time
during this gap to get to forty one

thousand nine hundred fifty to get
its dominance a little bit higher.

But to be quite frank with you,

I think thirty thousand is
going to be a tough level.

So we see a consolidation year.

There’s the monthly open,
which is below the thirty thousand

dollars, thirty seven
thousand five hundred.

Staying above that is going
to be a sign of strength.

Still staying below the monthly open
and being above thirty five thousand

assumes that Bitcoin just
wants to move sideways.

So that’s what I’m watching right now.

The thirty four thousand seven hundred
eighty dollars level should not break if

we want to assume continued
upside in this market.

And as long as that is the storyline,
we potentially could have seen the best

opportunity already to have entered back
into Altcoin positions like Ethereum,

because, of course,
we look at the Ethereum the US dollar

price, which is cranking
in comparison to Bitcoin.

And it’s not just the Ethereum.

A lot of Altcoins like maker Dow Lync
are doing a lot better than Bitcoin.

You can see we’re above the 200 day moving

average showing strength
testing the seventeen sixty area where

the only level below seventeen
sixty was fourteen forty.

I hope you got your entries here because
the fourteen forty is the previous all

time high in any market cycle
in the Cryptocurrency market.

We’ve never retested an all
time high after breaking out.

So this was almost

like completely off the table.

I hope you guys got entries
in for those in the Discord.

You know, I sent that entry up.

Now we potentially could see this twenty

to forty three previous weekly
open break for a Ethereum.

That’s a straight shot to the monthly
open at twenty seven hundred.

That’s going to put the Altcoins being

stronger than Bitcoin scenario on fire
because that’s a twenty percent push

to the upside and Bitcoin
can do whatever it wants.

It Ethereum breaks twenty four

or 20 to 40 then that is
the previous weekly open.

The only next level of resistance is going
to be the monthly open at twenty seven

hundred, assuming a twenty percent push
to the upside, because remember Ethereum

is in this big range between thirty
four hundred and nineteen eighty.

So when we got our entries at seventeen
sixteen we got above nineteen eighty.

That was when it was like bam we got what
we wanted because now there’s so much

potential upside and the Ethereum
to Bitcoin chart showing that exact

scenario with strength above
the one day moving average.

We have a Ethereum 2.0 coming out.

We’re heading towards sixty five thousand

Tosches if we get above that,
the moon for a Ethereum.

And so watch sixty five thousand Tosches

to the downside, we stay up fifty
three thousand five hundred.

We’re still in a bullish trend.

The total Cryptocurrency market cap chart

coming back, testing
the 200 day moving average.

I think we’ll get above this.

I think that there’s going
to be a lot of volatility here.

We’re really just seeing reallocation

of capital from S.H. It points
to fundamentally sound Altcoins.

So I didn’t want to say the word,

but we’re really seeing where
the smart money is heading.

That’s no surprise for those have
been tuned to the Snipers channel.

We’ve been talking about
the best projects since 2017.

And so hopefully you
guys are never confused.

Others dominants doing
exactly what we want.

That’s telling me that getting above 13

percent dominance,
we’re going to start to see strength back

here for that higher high
or that lower high to form.

And with Bitcoin dominance,
we are starting to curve back down.

We have this area of resistance
at forty eight percent.

We’ve yet to conquer that.

We’re starting to curve before
it below the weekly open.

Are we seeing the dominance come?

Backed down, that’s on the table,

the traditional markets
are exactly why we expected

the continuation of the upside for Bitcoin
knowing that the DXY was still having its

cup of coffee here,
retesting this 200 day moving average.

We do want to watch this chart

because right now the DXY
is moving to the upside.

If we break this previous high,
that could assume more volatility here.

This is a rocket that just started

to launch when Jerome Powell was
talking about interest rates.

Let’s monitor this.

This right here could be a bad thing
for the markets, but doesn’t look like

that is going to be
too much of a deterrence in the short

term, because we’re
having a cup of coffee.

We’re seeing some, you know, rejections.

And so I think the DXY being calm
is going to be a good thing because S&P

500, you can see continuing to form
new highs, showing strength.

That’s what we want in the Cryptocurrency
market to assume healthy environments

outside that will allow the conditions
inside the market to prosper.

Gold coming down, showing some weakness.
That’s not a bad thing.

We’re going to continue to manches.

If we break here, we could be heading
towards a seventeen hundred dollar level.

That would be interesting to watch.

That’s actually a sign of confidence
in international or in traditional markets

and international markets,
saying that we’re seeing institutions

hedge less into Gold putting
the money back into assets.

That’s actually a good sign
to see gold come down.

So it’s not a bad thing for Bitcoin,
which has a lot of similarities to gold,

but also has a lot of similarities to
other things.

So it’s not just correlated to gold.

And we saw that in March twenty twenty.

So thank you all for tuning
into the Snipers Candles today.

If you want to read principles by radio,
turn on the post notifications.

Comment your favorite Altcoin below.

It’s going to be an amazing Q3 and Q4.

I’m so excited to see which Altcoins are
going to outperform Bitcoin this season.

I think we’re still in all quinces
and I’ve maintained that thesis.

I hope you guys have at least
given that a thought.

And with that, Terry Wilson says it’s
amazing how nice people are on green days.

You want to send me
a message on Instagram?

The link is in the description below.

And with that, thank you all for tuning
in to the Snipers channel today.

I didn’t have my glasses on,
but I wanted to switch it up a little bit

because obviously Bitcoin is
doing exactly what we want.

There’s more calmness now
and we got our injuries.

And so that’s really what matters.

And then we also got our Bitcoin injuries

when we initially came down
to thirty one thousand nine hundred.

I think in one of my videos I said we got

our entry on the twenty, the nineteenth
of May, but I was mistaken.

We actually got our entries
here from the second retest.

We waited for that,

but thirty one thousand nine hundred
Bitcoin entries and you’re Bitcoin entries

should all be in profit now
are Altcoin positions are seriously

in profit because we really got in the
right time, you know, two days ago.


very exciting stuff.

I can’t wait to see what more
opportunities come about from this market.

And with that, thank you all for tuning
in today until next time Snipers out.



Naeem Al-Obaidi

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