BITCOIN WARNING AFTER PUMP (weekend manipulation prediction)

Naeem Al-Obaidi
8 min readAug 6, 2021

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Snipers, you have to see what’s happening
to the Bitcoin price this Friday as we’re

finally seeing follow through above
the forty one thousand nine hundred

and fifty dollar level heading towards
the 200 day moving average in 20 week

moving average at forty four thousand
eight hundred after finding support

at thirty eight thousand, exactly as we
predicted here on the Snipers channel.

I talked about this monthly open at forty

one thousand five hundred,
actually being the confirmation that we

were going to see upside and that we
didn’t want to test thirty eight thousand

for a second time because that wouldn’t
be a garden variety market behavior.

So now that we’re seeing the breakout,

of course, it’s a Friday and that means
that we’re heading into the weekend where

the Cryptocurrency market
is the most manipulated.

And I want to talk about the trick trap
and frustrate crew potentially going

to take this Bitcoin price up
to this twenty week moving average.

We may even wec to the forty nine thousand
seven hundred dollars level,

but are we going to see a rejection
to retest the forty one thousand five

hundred dollars level where
the monthly open is sitting?

That’s on the table.

And if that happens, Altcoins may
potentially be outperforming Bitcoin.

But for now, Ethereum is slowing down.

And I want to address Altcoins today

because notice how Ethereum here with a
candle high of twenty nine thirty two.

I talked about if Bitcoin goes above forty

one thousand nine hundred fifty,
we’re most likely going to see a Ethereum

start heading towards this
3000 dollar resistance.

We get above three thousand.

It’s a straight shot to thirty four.
Fifty four.

We’re just from three thousand dollars

to this first upside target is sixteen
percent, but we’re not seeing that so far.

And that’s a puzzle piece that we’re going

to talk about because the theoretical
chart is showing a slight pullback.

But all we’re seeing is a garden variety

retest of an important
resistance that recently broke.

And the continuation of this is still

highly probable above sixty
five thousand Satoshi.

That means that there may be some

potential here with a theorem,
especially with ETH 2.0.

And then we’ll cover the revolving parts
of the Cryptocurrency market,

like the total market cap when
above this 200 day moving average.

More importantly,
we want to watch the weekly chart on this

because we’re finally testing
this twenty week moving average.

This is the first time that we’re testing

this twenty week moving
average since June.

Twenty first big puzzle piece here
and then we’ll look at others dominants,

Bitcoin dominants and the DXY
closing the week with strength.

The jobs numbers came out today.

And of course, the feds have been talking
about if they’re going to start seeing

a strong recovery, they may start tapering
off the economic stimulus in the markets.

They’re already purchasing hundreds

of billions of dollars
in bonds every single month.

And that not being present in the market

may put this DXY in a position
to see further upside.

So this is actually a huge puzzle piece
heading into the weekend because

the Cryptocurrency market is the most
manipulated in the DXY is showing

strength, causing Gold
to come down two percent.

And so we all know what happens
when the DXY pushes up.

This is what happens.

Markets outside of the DXY go down.

That SP500 not necessarily reacting,

though, seeing continuation,
which is interesting.

And I think that that’s kind of playing
a part in what’s happening in a Bitcoin.

But is that going to continue
into the weekend?

You guys are watching the Snipers Cardano.

My name is Naeem Alobaidi.

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So just like we predicted yesterday,

if we weren’t going to come back down
and test thirty eight thousand,

the confirmation that we’re going to see
forty one thousand nine hundred fifty

break was going to be above that forty one
thousand nine hundred fifty dollar level.

We have the monthly open.

And so we had this bullish
continuation candle two days ago.

Now we have a continuation candle.

The question is, where
are we going to top out?

I believe the forty nine thousand seven
hundred dollar level is on the table and I

definitely believe forty four thousand
eight hundred is now on the table for us

to see Bitcoin finally get to test
this twenty week moving average.

We’re pretty much already there.

Notice how it’s actually below forty four
thousand eight hundred at this point.

So here’s the real question.

Now that we’re at this twenty week moving

average, we can just
assume that we’re here.

If we pull back now,
that’s not going to be a good time,

but I’m pretty sure we’re going to come
and test the 20 moving average.

It’s even below forty four
thousand eight hundred now.

It’s pretty much sitting at forty
three thousand eight hundred.

So we get to the twenty
week moving average.

Houra The real question is,
are we going to be able to get above

and maintain ourselves above this twenty
week moving average, which is home base?

If that’s the case, these curtains
are not going to be red anymore.

We’re back in a bullish trend and we can

even start talking about new
all time highs for Bitcoin.

That’s the importance of this
twenty week moving average.

So we’re going to be monitoring this.

But until that happens,
it is a puzzle piece.

The Altcoins are not reacting
to this move up for Bitcoin.

As strong as we’d expect them to be,

because if this was a true move
that the overall market is going

to consume, then we want to see
the strength with Altcoin.

So I think it’s important to watch
Altcoins right now for the downside.

Just want to address this.

The monthly open forty one thousand five
hundred is our first level of support.

Now, we get above this,
we stay above this.

We’re going to be heading towards

that forty four thousand
hundred dollars level.

We break below forty one
thousand five hundred.

Now we have this weekly open at the thirty
nine thousand nine hundred dollars level.

I don’t want to see Bitcoin get below

the weekly open,
preferably not the monthly open.

If we want to assume further upside,
we get below the monthly open.

That’s the first sign of concern.

We head towards forty thousand.

We come back down to thirty nine thousand.

Second sign of concern.

And then of course, if that happens,

I believe thirty eight thousand
will get tested again.

That’s a second knock on the door.

It makes it more likely to come down

to thirty four thousand
seven hundred and eighty.

We could potentially see a scenario.

We see lows for Bitcoin.

that’s just being the umpire addressing

both audiences on this channel,
the Bulls and the Bears.

But for now, Bitcoin is strong,
it’s bullish and it looks like it wants

to head towards forty four
thousand eight hundred.

Now, the question is,
what’s happening to Altcoins?

Well, Ethereum is slowing down
just a bit, but don’t get fooled.

I believe if we continue to see upside
here for Bitcoin,

that’s the most preferred scenario
to assume Ethereum is going to see that.

Thirty four, fifty four level.

Now, outside of that, I do apologize
that the phone is ringing here.

Let me go in and that call

outside of that we have to realize
Ethereum to Bitcoin chart is going to be

critical for us to assume strength in the
Altcoin markets as a leading indicator.

So Noticia, staying above sixty five

thousand to Tosches,
confirms that we can see more strength

for Ethereum potentially other Altcoins
against Bitcoin as we continue further up.

But if we break sixty five thousand

satoshi, we really want to start
watching the others dominance chart.

So far we’re squeezing here at the fifty

period and two hundred for your moving
average above the monthly weekly open.

But more importantly,

Bitcoin dominance rejected the twenty
week moving average last week.

So now we’re seeing Bitcoin
down in a slightly move up.

We want to monitor what’s happening here
with dominance levels because the question

now is what’s going to happen to Altcoins
when we see a pullback?

Is this going to push up Bitcoin dominance

and is that going to sell off
Altcoins that’s on the table?

I don’t think that’s the case.
I believe what we’re going to see others

see strength and Bitcoin dominance

is going to slow down, but not
necessarily see a full blown reversal.

So that’s huge for us
to monitor into the weekend.

But I do want to address how traditional

markets are closing,
because it is the last day that we’re

going to be covering these
traditional markets until next week.

The DXY pushed above ninety
two point sixty two.

That’s not what we wanted.

And so this is a puzzle piece coming into
the weekend that we need to be careful.

We really need to be careful.

And so this we need to monitor.

In my opinion, it’s already affecting

Gold, of course, which means that when
Gold is coming down,

fears coming into the market in some way,
it also could mean that investors are more

comfortable deploying their
money into other assets.

I think that that’s why the S&P
500 is still being sideways.

But I think if the DXY pushes any further,
that may not be the case for the S&P.

Five hundred and that could
affect the Cryptocurrency market.

So that’s what I’m watching there.

US oil hasn’t necessarily reacted yet,

but if we break below this 100 day moving
average, sitting at sixty seven dollars

per barrel level,
that might be a concern for me.

So things are still premature.

But finally, we’re seeing the Bitcoin
breakout, just like we predicted yesterday

with our video title
saying Bitcoin pump soon.

And with that being said,

I appreciate each and every one of you
Snipers tuned in to our channel.

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Thank you all for tuning
into the Snipers channel today.

I appreciate each
and every one of you guys.

I hope you enjoy today’s analysis.

We’re really seeing the strength
here exactly as we predicted.

We knew this thirty eight thousand level

is going to be the first
garden variety support.

Now we’re seeing the new yearly

highs here,

not the new yearly highs,
but the new highs since the start of this

consolidation, which is a very good thing
that could potentially lead us to new

yearly highs if we get above
the 200 day moving average.

So that’s what I’m excited about.

And with that, thank you all for tuning
in until next time Snipers out.



Naeem Al-Obaidi

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