ETHEREUM 2022 PREDICTION WILL SHOCK US (& bitcoin emergency)

Naeem Al-Obaidi
10 min readJun 29, 2021

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Snipers, you have to see what’s happening

to the Cryptocurrency market this Monday
as Bitcoin is testing the thirty four

thousand seven hundred and eighty eight
dollars resistance level,

which is no surprise for those
tuned in to the Snipers channel.

We know this is extremely important
confirmation level,

that if we’re able to get hourly in 4 hour
Candles above thirty four thousand seven

hundred and eighty eight,
there is a possibility Bitcoin can break

out beyond the forty five
thousand dollar level.

But we’ve yet to see Bitcoin cross thirty
four thousand seven hundred eighty eight

indicating that it truly
is an important level.

And when we go into the micro timeframes

where everything will start to morph
and then translate into the larger time

frames, notice how we have all of these
indecision Candles on the 4-hour chart

and we’re having a cup of coffee at this
area, which tells me as an umpire that we

saw one move to the upside,
a cup of coffee, which is a bullish flag,

and that we’re most likely potentially
going to see another move to the upside

to test the monthly open at thirty seven
thousand three hundred US dollars.

I want to talk about
the scenario for Bitcoin.

Of course, if we start to breach thirty

two thousand again, that’s where we’ll
start to be a little bit more cautious.

But right now we’re
forming this bullish flag.

But more importantly,

for those that have been tuned
in to the Snipers channel over the last

three months, I’ve been talking about
Altcoins season not being over,

despite the majority of analysts
saying that Altcoins season is over.

And notice how others dominance is

at twelve point two percent,
dominants holding the market structural

support level that we need to hold if we
want to assume that this is a bullish

continuation and a retest of the 20 week
moving average before seeing another high

form for others dominance, which means
that Altcoins could outperform Bitcoin.

And that’s already happening because we
know a Ethereum, as I talked about over

the last two days,
I made a video on Saturday saying

by Ethereum at these price levels heading
towards the one hundred day moving average

on the Ethereum t Bitcoin chart
with a Ethereum 2.0 coming out

for those that took our trade at 1777, we
are already over 20 percent in profits.

And we got our entry here when we tested

the 1760 support where we knew there was
a gap between 1760 and fourteen forty.

And I had Bylsma orders starting

at seventeen seventy all
the way down to fourteen forty.

Of course one of those triggered.

But it wasn’t just
the theme that we entered.

For those that are getting or
Discord it Cryptocurrency signals.

I sent out a trade
for Kusama link maker Dow.

Some of these trades have already hit over
30 percent profits in less than 48 hours.

The institutions are trying to fool
the retail investor Snipers.

There’s a reason that Bitcoin

has rejected thirty four thousand seven
hundred and eighty eight,

while Ethereum has
broke back past the two thousand dollar

big even after seeing a candle low of 1751
ninety six on the twenty six of June.

This was the prime entry for those in the
Discord for those tuned in the channel.

Doesn’t matter where you’re watching our
videos, if you’re listening to what I’m

saying, I said 1760 is
the area you want to start entering

into positions and we’re
already seeing massive upside.

That’s how you enter long term positions,
by the way,

for those that enter into the positions
and they see their account drop out

of nowhere, that’s because you’re
not being precise with your entries.

Of course, you can’t time everything

the market, but technical analysis is
a science and an art for a reason.

And when you’re able to

get long term positions at these type
of entries where within 48 hours you’re

in 15, 20, 30 percent profits,
that makes you feel a lot calmer going

to bed, knowing that your long term
entry is already thirty percent profits.

And even if we were to come down another

50 percent, you would
only be down 20 percent.

And you can even buy more.

So that’s a long term entry’s worth.

I rarely send long term swing
trades for Altcoins like Ethereum.

The last time we set a long term
swing trade was months ago.

So those Crypto signals are
for long term swing trades.

Day trades are trades, of course,
that’s every single day.

We send dozens of them.

So for those in the Discord,
the link is institutional.

You know, I sent you guys the entry
for those watching the Channel 1760.

Is this the last time we to come down
and test this level that’s on the table?

We’re already back above nineteen
eighty one for Ethereum.

Now, here’s what matters at this point.

Or are we going to see
the continuation of this trend?

We’re Altcoins are going to outperform

Bitcoin while Bitcoin
does what it always does.

Which is consolidate and move sideways

to a little bit higher when there’s low

that means that if you’re waiting
for Bitcoin to make a move right now,

you may be missing a lot of opportunities
on the table outside of Bitcoin,

because think about all the food right
now in the market is because of Bitcoin.

So look outside the box at this point.

I’m telling you this with

decades inside of the Bitcoin market,
years and years and years inside

of the Altcoin market,
I’ve seen this cycle happened many times

in the past for those that were tuned
into the Snipers channel, 2017 and 2018.

You know what I’m talking about?

You know, I’m talking to and I
say that thank you all.

By the way, they have been tuned
in for years on this channel.

You guys are really what
inspire and motivate me.

You guys are watching the Snipers channel.

My name is Naeem Alobaidi.

Let’s just dove straight
into this Bitcoin analysis.

By the way, YouTube has shadow bed,
our account.

So remember to turn on post notifications.

Just come here next to the button,
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So turn on those push notifications.

Let’s dove into this Bitcoin analysis.

When we look at what’s happening right

we’re testing the thirty four thousand

seven hundred and eighty
eight dollars level.

We formed this higher low and this was
actually the best opportunity throughout

this whole consolidation
to enter into Altcoins.

And so for those that were in the Discord,

we got our positions in for some very good
Altcoins like Lync, Ethereum, Kusama.

And so

this, in my opinion,

following the storyline that we’ve

maintained on this channel,
that we’re only seeing a.

Retest of the 20 week moving average
with the others dominance chart

to potentially form a new high
that’s coming to fruition and it’s clear

right now with a three up five
percent and Bitcoin down one percent.

So I want you guys to keep an open mind.

I know there’s a lot of Bitcoin
maximalists out there.

I love Bitcoin.

It’s the majority of my holdings.

Bitcoin is the storage of value.

It’s the Gold of this market, but.

Gold isn’t the biggest market
in traditional markets, is it?

No, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq,
those are way bigger markets.

So Ethereum
the basis of decentralized finance,

NFTE with a theme 2.0 coming out, limiting
all of the concerns that Bitcoin has.

I’m not trying to say that there’s going

to be a flip, but what I am saying is
that there are opportunities on the table

outside of Bitcoin that we
have to be aware of.

If we just continue to flirt here
at thirty four thousand seven hundred

eighty eight, I’m going
to do my Bitcoin analysis.

All right.

Thirty four thousand seven hundred eighty.
We get above that.

That’s a confirmation that we’re going

to see upside my first target, forty
one thousand nine hundred and fifty.

This is a very large range.

I believe that if we get above thirty four

thousand seven hundred and eighty eight,
it’s going to be a no brainer to get

towards and above the monthly
open at thirty seven thousand.

I think that will start heading towards

this fifty day moving
average for a retest.

All markets outside of Bitcoin look good.

That’s the upside scenario.

The downside scenario.

We know there is a lot
of volume at thirty thousand.

So we want to put this thirty
thousand dollar level on the chart.

And of course outside of thirty thousand,

there’s also a lot of volume
at thirty two thousand.

There’s a range here as a support.

And so for the downside,

as long as we’re above thirty thousand,
we’re just going to flirt in this range.

And if you’re not paying attention
to opportunities outside of Bitcoin,

it’s going to be a long month
ahead coming into July.


we want to monitor the thirty four

thousand seven hundred
eighty eight dollars level.

We get above that.

We can start day trading
Bitcoin to the long side.

There’s going to be some
momentum, in my opinion.

That’s going to also drive
Altcoin to the upside.

We stay between thirty four thousand seven

hundred eighty eight in this range
of thirty twenty thirty thousand then.

Expect sideways price action with Bitcoin

now what’s still on the table is
the potential of a lot of volume to come

into the sell side out
of nowhere to see a wick down.

That’s always going to be on the table
until we see a confirmation of a reversal

here back above the standard
moving average.

Keep those buy limit orders down at these
levels if there’s a downside scenario.

And that’s it for Bitcoin.

I want to talk about Altcoins.

I think that it’s proven itself enough
that we need to talk about

Altcoins Ethereum showing strength
beyond Bitcoin back above the 200 day

moving average, which is sitting right
at that nineteen hundred dollars.

We’re above 2000 right now.

Nineteen 1980 is the major level.
It’s not a coincidence.

The weekly opens at nineteen eighty.

This is level we’ve had on our channel
for months and now that we’re heading back

towards its previous regroup and at 20
to 40 if we get above 20 to 40,

Ethereum has a straight shot
to twenty seven hundred.

And that might not seem like a lot but
that’s actually over 30 percent upside.

So I’m going to be watching Ethereum
to the upside when it comes

to the downside, 1760 and fourteen
forties, the range to enter Ethereum.

And if this is the first time you’ve heard

it, then that means you didn’t watch
our video yesterday or two days ago.

And if you did, you weren’t
really paying attention.

So I really hope you guys are paying

attention to what I’m
saying on these videos.

And if you’re not able to, then of course,
that’s what the Discord is there for.

So pay attention these levels.

Are important for a reason,
it’s not a coincidence that the weekly

opened with a Ethereum
here is that 1980, right?

Exactly where our level is so
positive signs here for the Trillion,

the US dollar price Ethereum to Bitcoin,
the first daily bullish engulfing candle.

Not a surprise.
It’s before the retest of the one day

moving average and fifty three
thousand five hundred Satoshi level.

That’s the next support
we got right down to it.

The U.S. dollar price was at such a good

level when we came down here that it
was a no brainer to get into it.

Now we’re seeing a continuation of upside.

We get above sixty five thousand Satoshi
then to the moon for a Ethereum.

That’s really all I got to say there.

So fifty three thousand five
hundred is the downside support.

But we’re showing some
positive price action.

Cryptocurrency market not coming
below one Trillion as I’ve expected.

Still camping out below
the 200 day moving average.

No problem there.
I’m more focused on the others dominance

chart because everyone saying Altcoin
season’s over, I Altcoins season’s over.

Yeah, that’s right.
This is the most bullish chart in Crypto.


It’s the only one sitting
at the twenty week moving average.

It’s the only one that didn’t cross
below the 200 day moving average.

Others dominance is bullish.

It’s the time to start looking
at Altcoin positions and that’s clear.

Bitcoin dominance still
just kind of trending in this zone between

forty eight point nine four
and forty five point twenty four.

There’s some overhead resistance.

We already got a candlewick here,
so we’ll monitor this for now.

The storylines cleared DXY coming back up

to test this resistance,
but not able to get above.

That’s what we wanted
right come this year.

Tomorrow’s turnaround Tuesday
for traditional markets.

Let’s be cautious.
S&P 500 for new highs and Friday.

And now it’s just kind of camping out.
Not a surprise.

Gold also camping out here.

I think Gold might push
to the upside here soon.

1765 was the previous week open.

And it’s not a coincidence that that’s
also showing confidence with our market

structural support level that we’ve had
drawn out on this chart for months.

That’s it for today.
Thank you all for tuning in today.

Remember, turn on those
push notifications.

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You’ll have a chance to win.

I just got done with my workout Carloss.

Very intense week coming up.
I’m nervous.

Elmau Well, for those that were tuned
into the Snipers channel,

it’s been a very entertaining and calm
week for us, especially on Saturday.

MAN three was sitting there at seventeen
hundred for like hours just sitting there.

It was like.

Get in right if you read the book.

Psychology of trading, it talks about
how the best traders in the world,

they enter their positions when

the markets are quiet, when the fees
are low, the spreads are low.


And that’s exactly what
we did on a Saturday.

We were calm throughout the whole
downtrend for Ethereum.

Do you guys realize what it takes to just.

Remove the emotions and follow
the patterns, calm, calm, calm, and then

we get the retest of 1760 we interposition
and now we start heading up, right?

That’s the beauty of trading.

It’s an art and it’s a science with that.

Thank you all for tuning in today.

Until next time, Snipers out.



Naeem Al-Obaidi

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