Ethereum ETH Breaking MAJOR RESISTANCE 50 Day Moving Average! Breakout Soon? Price Prediction Today

Naeem Al-Obaidi
2 min readFeb 14, 2019

Ethereum ETH is starting to test its major resistance level of 0.0339 (Bittrex) which is also the 50D Moving Average which means it’ll potentially see major upside once it begins to bounce on top of the 50D MA. The Bollinger Bands show we have broken resistance already. The final confirmation we are waiting for is the RSI to break past 60, this is considered a very bullish move which can certaily trigger upside for Ethereum ETH to our estimated level of 0.0415 (Bittrex).

Ethereum ETH Technical Analysis Chart

An Altcoin that has popped into my radar following the news of a developer bounty is Vechain VET. Based on its technical analysis, it’s price levels are at all time lows and there is a high reward trade opportunity especially with the announcement of the bounty. Looking at its technical analysis we see Vechain VET going from around 0.00000105 Satoshis (Binance) to 0.00000120 & potentially 0.00000150 based on our targets.

Vechain VET Technical Analysis Chart

In regards to news, Kaspersky Lab just announced a study that was done showing that 13% of people are using cryptocurrency (over one-in-ten people had made an online purchase using cryptocurrency). This is a big deal because it shows the technology adoption cycle of Early Adopter being fulfilled and the chasm being crossed bringing us towards the Early Majority where we see mass adoption.

Technology Adoption Cycle

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