ETHEREUM WILL OUTPERFORM BITCOIN Q3 2021? (emergency update)

Naeem Al-Obaidi
13 min readMay 26, 2021

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00:00:00:080 00:00:01:600
Snipers, you have to see what’s happening

00:00:01:800 00:00:06:200
to the Cryptocurrency market today is
the Bitcoin bulls have reclaimed the 200

00:00:06:400 00:00:08:520
day moving average on the
daily chart right now.

00:00:08:720 00:00:12:120
And we got back above the big
even a thousand U.S. dollars.

00:00:12:320 00:00:15:120
But this daily Candle closes
in the next five hours.

00:00:15:200 00:00:17:400
And we have a bearish
tale forming right now.

00:00:17:400 00:00:18:520
I want to talk about what I’m expecting

00:00:18:720 00:00:21:800
for the Bitcoin price,
and then we’re going to look at what’s

00:00:22:000 00:00:25:720
happening to Ethereum,
because notice here how Ethereum is still

00:00:25:920 00:00:32:480
showing signs of being the stronger asset
inside of this fair market value range

00:00:32:560 00:00:35:480
that Ethereum has stayed in this channel
for a very long time,

00:00:35:480 00:00:39:320
showing healthy price action and always
being good time to buy below this channel.

00:00:39:460 00:00:43:160
And any time it gets above, it becomes
oversold and we see price discovery.

00:00:43:200 00:00:45:920
I want to talk about what I’m
expecting for the overall market.

00:00:45:960 00:00:47:560
The Ethereum to Bitcoin chart is also showing

00:00:47:580 00:00:49:680
signs that it wants
to continue further up.

00:00:49:880 00:00:53:160
But more importantly,
the total Cryptocurrency market cap chart

00:00:53:360 00:00:57:240
is now above the 20 week moving average,
which we like to call home base here.

00:00:57:440 00:00:59:960
And so far we still have the potential

00:01:00:160 00:01:04:680
of seeing a garden variety market retest
of home base and continued all time highs.

00:01:04:880 00:01:06:600
If we maintain price action above one

00:01:06:800 00:01:11:600
point six trillion dollars, that is
a very positive indicator for Altcoins.

00:01:11:800 00:01:14:040
And beyond that, for those in the Snipers

00:01:14:210 00:01:17:760
general, you know how important it is
to look at the environment outside

00:01:17:960 00:01:21:920
of the Cryptocurrency market,
like commodities such as Gold or the DXY,

00:01:21:920 00:01:23:400
which shows you
the strength of the dollar.

00:01:23:600 00:01:27:080
We’re going to take a look
at the environment outside of the market

00:01:27:280 00:01:29:840
because we are seeing
a very healthy environment.

00:01:30:040 00:01:31:160
And in my opinion,

00:01:31:360 00:01:36:800
this makes it prime for Bitcoin to see
continued upside and follow the path

00:01:36:800 00:01:39:000
of least resistance, which is always
sideways, a little bit higher.

00:01:39:120 00:01:42:920
Notice here how the traditional markets
in China are seeing a massive bullish

00:01:43:120 00:01:46:320
engulfing candle looking like it
wants to continue further up.

00:01:46:520 00:01:48:440
That is an extremely positive sign
because, you know,

00:01:48:640 00:01:52:160
traditional markets have a huge
effect on the Cryptocurrency market.

00:01:52:280 00:01:53:680
And so we’re going to look at what’s

00:01:53:810 00:01:56:160
happening to Bitcoin
in the smaller time frames.

00:01:56:360 00:02:01:160
But so far, the bulls have reclaimed
the 200 day moving average on the daily

00:02:01:360 00:02:04:360
chart, which is an extremely
positive thing for Bitcoin.

00:02:04:560 00:02:08:920
And now we’re 87 percent there when
it comes to the recovery operation.

00:02:09:120 00:02:11:320
But in order to have a final confirmation

00:02:11:440 00:02:15:120
that we are going to see continued upside,
we need to get above the previous week

00:02:15:320 00:02:19:480
looking at forty two thousand five hundred
where this opens the door for more volume

00:02:19:680 00:02:23:240
to flow into Bitcoin to take us back
to fifty thousand U.S. dollars.

00:02:23:400 00:02:24:960
And this would be the one hundred percent

00:02:25:040 00:02:27:640
confirmation of this rescue
operation being complete.

00:02:27:840 00:02:30:560
But so far, the bulls have reclaimed

00:02:30:560 00:02:32:680
the 200 day moving average
on the daily chart.

00:02:32:880 00:02:37:360
That was a huge, huge mission.
And now we’re there.

00:02:37:560 00:02:39:480
And so because we’re maintaining price

00:02:39:480 00:02:42:120
action above thirty eight thousand,
which is also a major level,

00:02:42:320 00:02:45:560
we’re going to look into the smaller
timeframes where everything starts

00:02:45:750 00:02:49:400
to morph in the smaller time frames
to then translate into the larger time

00:02:49:400 00:02:53:040
frames to predict what we’re going to see
here with Bitcoin end overall market.

00:02:53:240 00:02:54:840
You guys are watching the Snipers channel.

00:02:55:040 00:02:56:120
My name is Naeem Alobaidi.

00:02:56:120 00:02:58:600
Remember to smash it like one
for the YouTube algorithm.

00:02:58:800 00:03:00:720
We almost hit 400 likes yesterday.

00:03:00:880 00:03:03:760
I think the last time I checked we were
at three hundred and thirty three likes.

00:03:03:960 00:03:05:040
Thank you all so much.

00:03:05:040 00:03:06:760
I appreciate each and one of you Snipers.

00:03:06:960 00:03:09:120
And first I want to talk about
what’s happening here to Bitcoin.

00:03:09:320 00:03:11:800
We look into the four hour chart and we

00:03:12:000 00:03:16:280
still have this potential inverse head and
shoulder pattern forming here right now.

00:03:16:480 00:03:20:960
And if we see the retest of that thirty
eight thousand dollars level

00:03:21:160 00:03:26:240
and a continuation of volume
to the upside, notice how we now have this

00:03:26:240 00:03:29:680
forty one thousand nine hundred and fifty
dollars level showing confluence.

00:03:29:680 00:03:32:280
Right by that previous week,
we open at forty two thousand five hundred

00:03:32:480 00:03:36:760
if we’re able to get above forty two
thousand five hundred, in my opinion,

00:03:36:960 00:03:40:720
we could take the head of this inverse
head and shoulders pattern and look

00:03:40:920 00:03:45:440
at the schematics to determine
a target of where this would take us.

00:03:45:570 00:03:47:320
And so if we break out of forty two

00:03:47:520 00:03:50:720
thousand five hundred,
it looks like Bitcoin has the potential

00:03:50:920 00:03:53:840
to get all the way back above
fifty thousand US dollars.

00:03:53:960 00:03:55:400
And when we look at how this would

00:03:55:600 00:04:00:120
translate into the larger time frames,
that would take us up to retest the fifty

00:04:00:120 00:04:03:880
period and one hundred here moving average
on the daily chart, we’re at that point.

00:04:04:080 00:04:08:880
We either reject this level or we continue
further up to that sixty thousand dollar

00:04:08:920 00:04:10:680
level where we have confidence
at the monthly open,

00:04:10:680 00:04:14:000
really the exact numbers, fifty eight
thousand three hundred and that matters.

00:04:14:200 00:04:17:240
You guys know the numbers on our
channel are always exact.

00:04:17:440 00:04:21:920
And so at this point,
we want to see a confirmation of a forty

00:04:22:120 00:04:27:000
two thousand five hundred and that would
show that Bitcoin bulls are fighting

00:04:27:120 00:04:29:320
the battle,
winning the battle and the rescue

00:04:29:510 00:04:33:360
operation is going to be one hundred
percent, complete with hourly and for our

00:04:33:360 00:04:35:800
confirmations above forty
two thousand five hundred.

00:04:36:000 00:04:39:120
And in my opinion,
that could take us towards that fifty

00:04:39:320 00:04:42:760
eight thousand three hundred dollar
level in the next few weeks.

00:04:42:960 00:04:46:720
And that would be the medium term price
action that I would expect,

00:04:46:920 00:04:51:760
because on the six hour notice here how
this area, we have a lot of volume.

00:04:51:960 00:04:53:280
And so once again,

00:04:53:380 00:04:56:880
I talked about this when we first
came down below thirty five thousand.

00:04:57:080 00:04:59:840
At this point, we have formed a low.

00:05:00:040 00:05:02:360
And a higher low and I do not want to see

00:05:02:560 00:05:06:680
any more price action below the weekly
open at thirty five thousand really,

00:05:06:680 00:05:09:640
it’s that thirty four thousand
eight hundred dollars level hourly.

00:05:09:840 00:05:10:920
And for our Kendalls

00:05:11:120 00:05:14:240
closing below that thirty four thousand
eight hundred dollars level for Bitcoin

00:05:14:440 00:05:17:320
indicates that twenty four
thousand comes on the table.

00:05:17:520 00:05:19:160
That’s an over 30 percent drop.

00:05:19:320 00:05:22:320
And so we don’t want to get below
thirty five thousand at this point.

00:05:22:520 00:05:26:080
And this is still a no trade zone because

00:05:26:270 00:05:29:720
we don’t have full confirmation
until we’re above this previous weekly

00:05:29:920 00:05:33:640
open for those in our Discord for those
that are tuned in to our channel,

00:05:33:680 00:05:36:720
we took our long positions at thirty
one thousand seven hundred.

00:05:36:920 00:05:39:280
We took another long position
here with a Ethereum.

00:05:39:480 00:05:42:960
And so we’re either in profits or
we’re in a no trade zone right now.

00:05:43:160 00:05:46:440
And that maintains the thesis
throughout this channel.

00:05:46:640 00:05:50:240
Until we can get above forty two thousand
five hundred is when we have the 100

00:05:50:320 00:05:53:920
percent confirmation of a breakout
that can potentially come up to retest

00:05:54:080 00:05:57:520
this monthly open here at fifty eight
thousand three hundred where we really

00:05:57:720 00:06:02:320
want to now get to that point,
because that was the Elon Musk pump high.

00:06:02:520 00:06:07:040
And so we know a lot of this FUD came
from Elon Musk and Tesla deploying 10

00:06:07:040 00:06:09:720
percent of their Bitcoin
position back into the markets.

00:06:09:920 00:06:12:880
And then Elon Musk,
you know, saying that Tesla doesn’t accept

00:06:12:880 00:06:15:640
Bitcoin and we can go into the
fundamentals on and on and on.

00:06:15:840 00:06:18:800
Even the fundamentals right now
are looking good for a Ethereum.

00:06:19:000 00:06:21:200
What a perfect transition when we look

00:06:21:400 00:06:26:200
at the Ethereum grayscale trust right now,
trading at an 11 percent premium.

00:06:26:400 00:06:31:440
And that makes total sense because
Ethereum is the stronger asset right now.

00:06:31:640 00:06:35:000
And that’s been the story line
since the start of this year.

00:06:35:200 00:06:38:720
Notice how Ethereum it now is inside
of this channel again,

00:06:38:920 00:06:43:520
where it has been a fair value to be
in a Ethereum where it’s always shown

00:06:43:550 00:06:45:800
a healthy price action
inside of this channel.

00:06:45:960 00:06:49:440
And any time we’ve gotten below this
channel, it’s been a very good opportunity

00:06:49:510 00:06:52:960
to long we long the theme here at 1760,
actually, right at the bottom.

00:06:53:160 00:06:56:240
And so once again, this is
a no trade zone in my opinion.

00:06:56:310 00:06:58:160
This is a good zone to hold Ethereum.

00:06:58:280 00:07:01:640
And if we get above the zone,
that’s when we start to get overbought.

00:07:01:640 00:07:04:160
And so right now,
that’s showing confidence right around

00:07:04:160 00:07:06:760
that monthly open here at twenty
eight hundred U.S. dollars.

00:07:06:960 00:07:09:840
We’re already showing Wick’s
trying to get above the zone.

00:07:10:000 00:07:13:000
And that’s not a surprise to me because we
look at that there in the Bitcoin chart.

00:07:13:200 00:07:15:680
Once again, we’re above
sixty five thousand.

00:07:15:680 00:07:18:720
Satoshi is currently on our way
to seventy seven thousand Satoshi.

00:07:18:830 00:07:21:680
And so I talked about that yesterday
and we were at 67000.

00:07:21:680 00:07:23:640
The totals were already
coming above 17000.

00:07:23:840 00:07:26:120
Tosches So that is
the story line right now.

00:07:26:120 00:07:27:440
As long as above sixty five thousand

00:07:27:440 00:07:29:920
Satoshi is for Ethereum,
it’s going to be the stronger asset.

00:07:29:920 00:07:33:760
And so that seventy seven thousand Satoshi
level from the current price action is

00:07:33:960 00:07:37:280
right around ten percent upside
for the theory in a bitcoin.

00:07:37:440 00:07:40:280
So when we translate that to where we
currently see Ethereum,

00:07:40:480 00:07:43:480
we’re talking about a three
thousand dollar Ethereum here.

00:07:43:680 00:07:45:680
If we see that continuation
with the theory of Bitcoin,

00:07:45:680 00:07:49:120
we start regardless of what Bitcoin does,
because as much as everyone is saying, oh,

00:07:49:320 00:07:52:320
Altcoins season is over,
that is definitely not the case.

00:07:52:520 00:07:55:760
When we look at a rational chart

00:07:55:940 00:07:59:240
that shows us that we’re only seeing
a garden variety market retest

00:07:59:240 00:08:02:240
of the twenty week moving average on the
total Cryptocurrency market cap chart.

00:08:02:440 00:08:08:200
For an analyst to now say that this is
a confirmation of a reversal and end

00:08:08:400 00:08:11:840
of a trend for Altcoins,
I think is a little bit irrational.

00:08:12:040 00:08:16:120
Special look at others dominance,
still maintaining price action here above

00:08:16:320 00:08:19:640
this multi-year resistance
level that is now support.

00:08:19:640 00:08:21:160
We’re not even coming down to tested.

00:08:21:320 00:08:23:640
We only got down to the one hundred.
We’re moving average now.

00:08:23:640 00:08:25:400
We’re coming back up
to test this pretty moving.

00:08:25:600 00:08:28:920
I sure as hell looks a lot
better than Bitcoin dominance.

00:08:29:120 00:08:31:960
You can see a rejecting the weekly open

00:08:32:160 00:08:35:920
rejecting, not even getting to test
that fifty per year moving average or

00:08:36:120 00:08:40:320
monthly open, still heading down
and so Bitcoin down is coming down.

00:08:40:320 00:08:42:040
Does it mean Bitcoin’s price
is going to come down.

00:08:42:240 00:08:47:120
It’s just not a bad thing to see others
dominants increase just means that we’re

00:08:47:320 00:08:51:320
seeing more capital flow into other
coins outside of Bitcoin.

00:08:51:520 00:08:54:640
That’s extremely healthy
sign for the overall market.

00:08:54:840 00:08:59:640
So with this total cryptocurrency market
cap chart over the next four days as this

00:08:59:640 00:09:01:520
weekly candle matures,
I talked about this yesterday,

00:09:01:590 00:09:04:440
it could be a whole different
weekly candle in a few days.

00:09:04:640 00:09:07:520
We just want to stay above one point
six trillion dollars in market cap.

00:09:07:720 00:09:10:920
That assumes we’re going to see
continuation into next week.

00:09:11:120 00:09:14:440
And when we look at the environment
outside of Bitcoin,

00:09:14:440 00:09:17:720
because we want to follow where the money
is going and traditional markets are

00:09:17:720 00:09:19:960
extremely important,
we know there’s a huge effect

00:09:19:960 00:09:22:560
and correlation between
the traditional markets and Bitcoin.

00:09:22:560 00:09:24:000
So we’re going to keep the international

00:09:24:000 00:09:26:960
markets on our chart, especially after
what we saw with China yesterday.

00:09:27:160 00:09:28:720
And I want to discuss Gold.

00:09:28:720 00:09:31:400
You can see money definitely
flowing into gold right now.

00:09:31:520 00:09:33:400
Institutions are hedging
their bets in gold.

00:09:33:400 00:09:36:160
That’s typically a sign that they want
to hedge away from traditional assets.

00:09:36:360 00:09:41:000
The S&P 500 still fighting this breakdown.
Daily candle.

00:09:41:200 00:09:44:920
We did get towards this daily candle.
You notice here.

00:09:45:120 00:09:49:400
This was the breakdown candle where we
came below the previous weekly open.

00:09:49:600 00:09:55:800
And we fought yesterday to fight this
breakdown candle to get to the top,

00:09:56:000 00:09:59:840
but we barely got to half
way before seeing push back.

00:10:00:040 00:10:01:680
And so now we’re chillin here

00:10:01:680 00:10:04:760
at the monthly open we want to monitor
this monthly have been really that 40,

00:10:04:870 00:10:07:120
170 previous weekly open
is key in my opinion.

00:10:07:280 00:10:09:000
If that door opens, we come to the weekly

00:10:09:200 00:10:13:360
open at 41 50, that could open the door
to the 200 the 50 day moving average.

00:10:13:360 00:10:14:560
And so we want to monitor that.

00:10:14:760 00:10:17:360
But so far, it’s not looking bearish.

00:10:17:360 00:10:19:600
The trend is still bullish
year for the S&P 500.

00:10:19:800 00:10:23:400
The DXY is still extremely
calm inside of this channel.

00:10:23:600 00:10:24:640
That’s what we want to see.

00:10:24:680 00:10:28:640
So notice how the DXY did come up today,
but we didn’t see traditional markets come

00:10:28:770 00:10:31:120
down as there’s usually
an opposite correlation.

00:10:31:320 00:10:34:000
But I told you, when the DXY is calm,

00:10:34:200 00:10:38:720
that’s also a good thing for assets
to continue to see price discovery.

00:10:38:920 00:10:42:200
And so there’s a very sensitive
relationship when it comes to the U.S.

00:10:42:260 00:10:45:560
dollar value against the traditional
assets and their correlations.

00:10:45:760 00:10:47:640
And when we look at the largest share

00:10:47:640 00:10:50:960
market, Japan trying to come up and test
this 100 year moving average,

00:10:50:960 00:10:53:640
we didn’t even come down
to this 200 day moving average.

00:10:53:840 00:10:55:720
That is a positive environment.

00:10:55:920 00:10:58:520
Now, we want to see this get above

00:10:58:520 00:11:01:160
the monthly open here,
sitting at twenty nine thousand.

00:11:01:360 00:11:03:040
That gets us above home base

00:11:03:240 00:11:07:920
if we want to assume continued healthy
price action in the Japanese markets.

00:11:08:120 00:11:13:920
So far, we’re seeing that start with China
and notice how China was the first market

00:11:14:120 00:11:16:480
to come down and now it’s
back above home base.

00:11:16:480 00:11:19:440
That could be an indicator that other
international markets are going to follow.

00:11:19:640 00:11:21:000
The point is,

00:11:21:200 00:11:27:160
the environment is looking very good with
China, Shanghai, the euro 100 here above

00:11:27:360 00:11:30:720
home base, Japan trying to fight
to get above home base.

00:11:30:920 00:11:32:880
The S&P 500 way above home base.

00:11:33:080 00:11:35:560
That’s a very positive
environment for Bitcoin.

00:11:35:760 00:11:37:400
We want to monitor the Gold to Bitcoin

00:11:37:400 00:11:40:400
chart as well, because this is how
we predict the top or Bitcoin.

00:11:40:600 00:11:44:960
And so Emmies confident in Bitcoin
as I am in Ethereum, for example.

00:11:45:160 00:11:48:560
Probably not.
And I see that because this chart has

00:11:48:600 00:11:52:480
already broken the 50 and 100 year moving
average, it looks like we want to come

00:11:52:680 00:11:57:280
down and test this 2017
top when we saw the Gold to Bitcoin ratio

00:11:57:280 00:11:59:240
top out and then we saw
the start of the bear market.

00:11:59:420 00:12:03:320
So for Bitcoin not Altcoins, remember,
this is a very different Altcoin season.

00:12:03:520 00:12:08:160
And so don’t get fooled by those
saying that Altcoin season is over.

00:12:08:170 00:12:11:600
It certainly isn’t.
And so I do believe Ethereum is going

00:12:11:600 00:12:13:840
to be the strong Rassa above
sixty five thousand Satoshi.

00:12:14:040 00:12:17:640
She’s very key moment right now
in the Cryptocurrency market.

00:12:17:840 00:12:21:000
And really, as I wrap up this video and I
leave you with a puzzle piece,

00:12:21:200 00:12:24:960
this is what I want you Snipers
to watch here over the next 24 hours.

00:12:25:160 00:12:27:080
How does this daily kandell close here?

00:12:27:280 00:12:28:800
So we’ve got five hour left.

00:12:29:000 00:12:32:480
We’ve got this bearish tale of a test
of this 200 day moving average.

00:12:32:680 00:12:33:560
In my opinion.

00:12:33:560 00:12:36:480
I don’t want to see the body of this
scandal close below thirty eight thousand.

00:12:36:480 00:12:38:160
As long as the body can close above thirty

00:12:38:160 00:12:42:040
eight thousand, I think another retest
is going to be enough to break us above.

00:12:42:240 00:12:46:040
And so thirty thousand is critical,
thirty six thousand five hundred comes

00:12:46:040 00:12:49:520
below that and then thirty four thousand
eight hundred is the bell zone.

00:12:49:590 00:12:52:640
So that is where a stop loss is
need to be because that opens.

00:12:52:640 00:12:53:720
There were twenty four thousand.

00:12:53:920 00:12:57:360
And when we look at what happens when you
open a door at a major gap,

00:12:57:560 00:13:01:280
if you wait for that daily confirmation,
then you already know you’re playing

00:13:01:280 00:13:03:080
a dangerous game,
as I talked about two days ago.

00:13:03:080 00:13:06:440
So notice here how if you waited for these
four hour confirmations, you knew,

00:13:06:640 00:13:11:000
all right, we were closing below this
major level that resulted in extreme

00:13:11:000 00:13:13:120
amounts of downside,
over forty percent downside.

00:13:13:320 00:13:15:200
So you got to trust those four hour

00:13:15:200 00:13:18:640
and hourly confirmations and those
major levels for those that are new.

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Of course, watch our videos,
copier levels, if you want.

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And with that, I appreciate each
and every one of you Snipers.

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I couldn’t do this without you.
I want to give away one of my favorite

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books on investing before I do three
hundred and thirty seven likes.

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wrap up this video.

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By the way, tickets
to Bitcoin Miami have sold out.

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There will be a live stream.

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And so I will get you guys
details of that here very soon.

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And let’s see here.

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We’ll go ahead and pick
David Webb says Vrabel, get yourself some

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And with that, thank you all for tuning

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in today to the Snipers channel
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