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Snipers, you have to see what’s happening

to the Bitcoin price today is we are
testing the 40000 dollar resistance level

where we have the 100 day moving average
in the market, structural resistance.

And notice how on the 4 hour chart,

Bitcoin is having a cup of coffee, which
means this is not the final destination.

And there are two very clear schematics
that could play out here where

Bitcoin Comtesse thirty eight thousand US
dollars and continue further up,

potentially even test thirty six thousand
five hundred and continue further up.

But the thirty four thousand seven hundred
and eighty eight dollars level is

the floor that we’ve been talking
about on the Snipers channel.

We don’t want to get below this level.

Now, the reason this is an extremely
important Bitcoin move right now,

having a cup of coffee at 40000 US dollars
is if this continues to break out,

that means that Bitcoin is going to be
testing the 20 week moving average

at forty four thousand
eight hundred US dollars.

And since we’ve been above this 20 week,

moving average from April twenty twenty,
we saw Bitcoin go all the way from the six

to seven thousand lower level
to sixty four thousand US dollars.

So when you’re above the 20 week moving

average, you’re in an
extremely bullish trend.

When you’re below it,
you are not in a bullish trend,

which of course we are below forty
four thousand eight hundred right now.

So this is an extremely
important day for Bitcoin.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Traditional markets close and then
the weekend comes where the Cryptocurrency

markets the most manipulated
data futures markets.

And check this out, Snipers
we pull up the DXY.

And just like we talked about yesterday,

we’re seeing the DXY inside of this range
that is allowing the S&P 500 now because

it’s showing calmness
to see new all time highs.

That’s a positive thing heading
into the weekend for Bitcoin.

Remember, we didn’t want the DXY to see

to the upside at ninety three point eighty

two, because when the dollar value
strengthens, assets tend to come down.

So now that we’re showing calmness inside

of this channel, that’s the exact place
we want to be coming into this weekend.

And here’s the most important
part of today’s video.

The revolving parts of the Cryptocurrency
market, like the total Cryptocurrency

market cap chart,
others dominance and Bitcoin dominance.

Ethereum is the leading Altcoin.

And what we’re seeing right now is as

Bitcoin is having a cup of coffee,
Ethereum is actually showing strength.

And remember, the London Hardtalk
is coming on August 4th.

If Bitcoin does see the continuation
to the upside,

are we going to be seeing out performance
for Ethereum against Bitcoin?

And is that going to translate into other
Altcoins seeing outperformance?

We’re going to talk about
that today on the Snipers channel.

My name is Naeem Alobaidi.

Remember to smash the like one
for the YouTube algorithm.

We want to hit one hundred
thousand Snipers on this channel.

And I didn’t post a video earlier today

because the price right now
is having a cup of coffee.

And the schematics we talked about
from our last video is still valid.

And I want to first start on the weekly

chart so that you guys
realize the emphasis here.

If we get above this forty thousand dollar

we’re going to be testing this twenty week

moving average of Bitcoin gets above
this twenty week moving average.

That means we have a potential
new all time highs for Bitcoin.

That’s why this is
an extremely important mover.

Now we need to get above this twenty

moving average
to see a continuation of this bull rally.

Now, if we continue further down,

we even see another lower,
low form inside this channel.

That’s totally fine in the long term.

We’re bullish about Bitcoin.

It’s at forty thousand
dollars right now, guys.

Come on.

We saw immense gains
over the last two years.

But let’s talk about what’s happening

today, because that’s what matters,
right on the daily chart.

Everything more from the smaller
to the larger time frames.

We have this very bullish daily candle

here that looks like
a continuation candle.

That means it looks like the price
wants to move further up.

We have eight daily Candles
in a row that are green.

This daily Candles today could
even potentially turn green.

If it doesn’t, that’s fine,
because a garden variety market retest

of the 100 day moving average
and then seeing some further downside

is totally on the table and normal for a
asset to do so.

Here’s what I’m watching.

When it comes to the 4-hour chart,
you guys know thirty eight thousand is

the first level of major support,
thirty six thousand five hundred as well,

coming into Friday and then
heading into the weekend.

I just don’t want to see Bitcoin get down

to thirty four thousand seven
hundred and eighty eight.

As long as we stay above that,
we can test thirty eight.

We could test thirty six thousand five
hundred, and either way,

Bitcoin has the potential of seeing
continuation of the upside.

Yes, we have yet to see massive volume

come in, but the path of least resistance
when there’s low volume is always sideways

through a little bit higher because of how
inflation affects assets every second.

So it’s not going to be sideways to lower
if there’s slow volume.

So the potential of this
breaking is still very high

when we see the volume come in.

I believe that this forty thousand dollar

level breaking will take a straight
to forty four thousand eight hundred,

but I’m OK with thirty six thousand
five hundred as a retest at this point.

I don’t want to see the monthly open,
the weekly open and the thirty four

thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars
level get tested again because that would

negate this whole push to the upside
and testing this level will most likely

bring us to see further lows for this
year when it comes to Bitcoin’s price.

And that’s totally fine if that happens,
because we have that structural support

here to continue inside
of this consolidation.

And then maybe we can finally discover
some of these lower price levels.

But I’m not going to get too far

into the downside, of course, because
eight daily Candles that are green

in a row, I’m loving what I’m
seeing right now on the charts.

Now, let’s quickly talk about
the state of the Altcoin markets.

We pull up the the US dollar price.

We’re up today about two
percent against Bitcoin.

And that’s a good thing.

When Bitcoin is consolidating,
we all know Altcoins tend to outperform.

There’s kind of like this high here that

Ethereum has struggled to break around
this twenty four hundred dollar level.

This is all going to be depend on what

happens to Bitcoin of Bitcoin
starts to move further up.

This breaking out of twenty four hundred

could potentially perform
way better than Bitcoin coming

into the London half court
on August 4th just for the price.

Action is right now with a theory

at twenty three hundred to the next
destination is forty seven percent upside.

So that’s what I’m going to monitor.

We start to see weakness with Bitcoin.

As long as it stays above 1980,
we’re very bullish.

We stay above 1760.

We’re still fine below.

That is where we start coming

into the range that test the previous
all time high at fourteen forty.

So the cool thing about this Ethereum

chart is we’re going to the side
even if we come down or up.

The Ethereum to Bitcoin chart is still
in a bullish trend on the Macroom.

We’re talking weeks notice how we have
this breakout and right now we form these

higher lows and now we
have these lower highs.

This is all indicating a bullish flag
in the macro for the Ethereum to Bitcoin

chart that’s going
to translate into other coins.

The total market cap testing
one point six dollars trillion.

Right now.

If we get above this level now,
we can see a major breakout because we’re

above the 200 day moving average of the
total Cryptocurrency market cap chart.

So the others dominance and Bitcoin

dominance charts are still
having a cup of coffee.

We’ll discuss those through the weekend.

But I do want to quickly talk
about traditional markets.

The DXY doing exactly what we want

for Bitcoin to see
continuation to the upside.

That’s allowing the S&P 500 to continue

to see new all time highs
into price discovery.

I just want to see the same
blue print tomorrow.

The markets close, the weekend comes.

It’s going to be a fun
weekend for Bitcoin.

You guys are watching the Snipers channel.

I appreciate each and every one
of you tuned into the channel.

I want to give away principals by radio.

You’re one of my favorite books on value
investing to one of you watching.

And then we’ll wrap this video up.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video.

The truth seeker.

Forty seven says, Great
job as always, brother.

No one explains it like you.

I really appreciate that.

Men send me a message on Instagram.
You want a book?

And with that, thank you all for tuning
in to the Snipers channel today.

Until next time Snipers out.



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