Ripple DEATH CROSS Forming! What Does This Mean For XRP? Price Prediction & Technical Analysis Today

Naeem Al-Obaidi
2 min readFeb 13, 2019

Ripple XRP is currently forming a death cross with it’s moving averages (when a lower moving average goes below a higher moving average) which is a very bearish technical indicator. If we were to take a closer look, the RSI is showing resistance at 40 & has already breached this level to the downside (very bearish). This in combination with a lack of buyer volume leads me to believe we will see some downward momentum soon to our next major support level of around 7630 Satoshis.

Ripple XRP Technical Analysis Chart

When looking at Ethereum ETH we see a completely different story. Ethereum ETH recently formed a Golden Cross (when a higher moving average goes below a lower moving average) which is a very bullish indicator. Along with this, we are now testing a major resistance level of around 3.43 million Satoshis. Our target would be around 4.18 million Satoshis if we were to see a breakout to the upside. Other indicators showing positive signs include the MACD histogram showing an increase in buyers along with increased buyer volume.

Ethereum ETH Technical Analysis Chart

Lastly, when we look at Bitcoin BTC we see much more of a neutral chart. We are forming an overall pennant with a descending resistance / ascending support level (would like to see one more point of contact with support before any upside breakout). Along with that, our RSI is showing resistance at 60 which means we are still in neutral grounds, and the MACD is beginning to show weaker buyers. Since the EMA and 50 MA is beginning to converge, I am expecting a breakout soon. In my best prediction, I would assume a re test of our ascending support level before any further upside.

Bitcoin BTC Technical Analysis Chart

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