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Snipers, you have to see what’s happening.

The Cryptocurrency market this weekend as

Bitcoin is sitting at thirty four thousand
seven hundred eighty eight trying to make

a decision whether it wants to squeeze
towards the 50 day moving average

at thirty six thousand five hundred or if
it wants to reject thirty five thousand.

Once again, we have confluence here

with the weekly and monthly open
and the major structural resistance.

I want to talk about what I’m expecting
for Bitcoin coming into Sunday.

Of course, the weekend is the most

manipulated time in the
Cryptocurrency market.

We know traditional markets closed well
on Friday, so Bitcoin breaking towards

the fifty day moving average and squeezing
to that area is going to be a confirmation

that not only are we seeing weekend
manipulation to the upside,

but this could open up the door that when
traditional markets open up on Monday,

we see even more volume flowing
in for Bitcoin to come up to the forty one

thousand nine hundred
and fifty dollar area.

More importantly,

I want to talk about what I’m also
expecting for Altcoins because

that they’re in a Bitcoin chart closed the
day yesterday with a bullish tale above

the previous weekly open right here
at the sixty five thousand Satoshi area.

If we get above this,

that’s going to be a massive breakout that
Ethereum is going to potentially have.

If we look at percentage wise,

30 percent to the eighty
five thousand Satoshi level.

And that’s also showing signs
on the Ethereum the US dollar price coming

back up to test 20 to 40
the previous weekly open.

If we break above 20 to 40 for Ethereum,

we could be seeing a moon shot back
above three thousand US dollars.

Of course, there are going to be some
levels along the way that we need

to monitor and we’ll talk about those
today and then others dominance,

which factors in Bitcoin,
but also factors in other Altcoins like

Cardano and the B and Bitcoin is
actually showing very good signs.

The total Cryptocurrency market cap chart

coming back to test this
200 day moving average.

Well, Altcoins right now are
actually showing strength.

If we get above thirteen percent others

this could be the early start of this

Lower High or potential
Higher High to form.

That means Altcoins are going
to be outperforming Bitcoin.

I want to talk about whether that’s
going to be the case or not.

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First, I want to talk about exactly
what’s happening to Bitcoin.

We come onto the daily chart.

It’s no surprise that we’re here sitting
at thirty four thousand eight hundred.

This is an important level.

We’ve been monitoring this
for a very long time.

We have confluence here
with the weekly monthly open.

If Bitcoin starts to show strength
on the micro timeframes,

which it really currently is looking like
it wants to move higher, it’s the weekend.

It’s the most manipulated.

Anything could happen.

Right now, we’re testing the level,

showing signs of volume
in the one hour chart.

You can see here a lot more
buyers than sellers right now.

While we’re testing this level,

we come into the fifteen minute chart,
same scenario, a lot more buyers.

Even on the one minute chart,
you can see we came initially tested this

important level and look how many buyers
came in with no sellers in sight right

at this thirty four thousand
eight hundred dollars level.

It’s not a coincidence that that’s where
the volume came in, by the way,

because our numbers on the Snipers
channel are extremely important.

Now, we’re sitting at this weekly open

the thirty four thousand
eight hundred dollars level.

If we see another move to the upside after

seeing this, our push to test this, we
are forming higher highs on the 4-hour.

That’s actually a bear flag
that would assume we come down.

But it’s the weekend.

And if you could happen,
if we break about thirty four thousand

eight hundred, I think that at this point
we’re so closer to this fifty day moving

average that we come up to thirty
six thousand five hundred.

If we get above this area,

that could be the bottom for Bitcoin,
because now we’re playing at the upper

region of this channel, which we’ve
only really played in once and twice.

And so we come back up here,

the potential of us coming back up to this
200 day moving average at forty four

thousand eight hundred
becomes a lot more likely.

So we really want to see
some strength here.

Thirty four thousand eight hundred.
It’s the weekend.

Anything could happen.
Yes, there’s a bear flag.

I’m going to upload this video
on this 4-hour chart.

If this bear flag breaks down,

then remember, the only way we’re going
to see a real downside Snipers

volume comes in because below thirty
thousand, there’s a lot of buyers.

If we start to see this push back down,

we need to keep these higher ranges
in mind for the downside scenario.

If you watched our video yesterday,
you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There’s a severe scenario of us
coming to twenty nine thousand.

But then there’s also the potential we

could come down to the twenty
thousand dollar area.

So that would happen very quick.

You have to have those limit orders
on the exchanges because

investors are not going to get
the opportunity to just get their

positions in below thirty
thousand for Bitcoin.

We know there’s it’s the.

And retail volume, they’re looking to get
into Bitcoin, so that’s what I’m watching.

Very exciting weekend.
Anything could happen.

So that’s why we just kind of have to be
more freestyle on the weekend when we’re

looking at charts 22,
44 out there and we break above it.

That’s going to be huge,

huge confirmation for not just Ethereum,
but Altcoins in general that

Ethereum could be leading the pack as
a leading indicator,

saying that we’re going to see
even more upside for Altcoin.

So I think that 20 to 40 breaks,
there’s a very high chance that we’re

going to start to come up and potentially
test this channel around the 3000 area.

That’s going to be a very nice push

to the upside shows confidence
with the Ethereum to Bitcoin chart.

You can see this is about 30 percent push

to the upside, and that’s the same
amount of percent that we’re assuming here

if we get above sixty five
thousand to Tosches on this chart.

So everything is lining up to say that if
we get above sixty five thousand.

So she’s a Motley’s open
there for a reason.

It’s not a coincidence.

Once again, the monthly open
is at sixty five thousand.

So she’s I mean, again,

we’ve had this level out on our charts
for months and months and months.


that’s not a coincidence.

We get above that.
That’s showing strength.

Anything could happen.

It’s the weekend Bitcoin on a 4-hour
forming a bear flag might break down.

We got to be freestyle here.

Total Cryptocurrency market cap chart
and others dominance Bitcoin dominance

charts not really changing
from the storyline yesterday.

And with that, I hope you enjoy this quick

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Peter says Thanks again, Naeem.

Great job as always.

P.S. I caught myself saying to my son,

that will go to the lake for the weekend,
but we have to check the weather first

because weekends are
the most manipulated time.

That’s awesome.
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Thank you all for tuning in today.

Until next time Snipers out.

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