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Top 3 Altcoins ETH XRP LTC 2019 Price Predictions

First and foremost, let’s look at Bitcoins technical analysis. You can see we lowered into this accumulation zone, we finalize this ABCD correction and we are back in this consolidation area for Bitcoin. Between that $10700 and $12300 dollar range. This is going to give Altcoins a big opportunity to start gaining market capitalization in this market, which therefore means there are going to be a lot of altcoin opportunities here coming very soon. So we’re going to look at the main altcoins as well as the overall equation of Bitcoin dominance versus Altcoins. So let’s look at this analysis with Bitcoin, just to see where the main coin here is headed. You can see as we are starting to stay in this consolidation zone and there are going to be a lot of Bitmex leveraged opportunities because we have some very strong resistance as well as some very strong support levels. Now understand this, when leveraged trading in my opinion, you want to first look at the main overall trend and on the daily and weekly we are still in a bull trend for Bitcoin.

If we pull up this daily chart, you can see here when looking at some very important indicators, this EMA, this exponential moving average, which is this light blue line right here its a very good indicator for momentum and we dropped below that as we entered this accumulation zone. Now we are above this EMA, which is a very bullish sign for Bitcoin showing that we’re most likely going to see upwards price movement and then you can see what the volume, we are also confirming that as well, so very excited here for Bitcoin. There really isn’t a need to do much more of an analysis because at the end of the day, what we’re most likely going to see is the price action to the upside towards that $12,300 range. And I believe we will see resistance here and we will most likely go back and test $10,700 range. and therefore right now, over the next few days into this next week, I believe the best opportunity in this market is going to be these altcoin opportunities as bitcoin consolidates alongside the Bitmex opportunities with these very obvious support and resistance levels that Bitcoin currently is in. So understanding right now we’re currently in a bull market for Bitcoin that will now go ahead and allow us to analyze the market properly.

Now, one thing I really want you guys to realize is if we were to look at a double chart here and have ETH to BTC on the right and then have BTC here to the left and we pull up this weekly chart. I want to show you what happened in 2017 versus what’s happening right now, which is leading me to assume that we’re not necessarily going to see the type of amazing gains that we did in 2017. If we look at this article just to confirm this analysis, you can see here says the Binance CSO says Bitcoin to $50,000 possibly, but an altcoin rally is unlikely and I’m going to talk about exactly why that’s occurring.

One of the main reasons is because this investor market coming in is bringing in their capital to this new quote unquote bull market, it’s a lot more of a smarter investor base and so what you realize is in 2017 when we saw the rally for Bitcoin here to $20,000 if you look at this double chart, you can see any sort of my crosshairs on the left will also correlate on the right. But what you can see here is initially when bitcoin had these consolidation periods in 2017 you can see we were able to see massive price action. You can see almost over 1500% of this increase in Satoshi value. Just from Bitcoin going from that $1,000 range towards that $4,000 range. And every point of this consolidation periods that we saw in 2017 allowed Ethereum to rise up. When we look at a Ethereum of now you can see we’ve stayed at these low levels of support right around that 2.4 million Satoshi to 3.6 million Satoshi mark. With Bitcoin we’re seeing it rise exponentially, but no sort of movement here for Ethereum to the bitcoin chart and that is a cross the board.

If we were to pull up XRP and LTC, it’s the same exact scenario. They’re all at all time lows right now at support while Bitcoin is seeing this huge, massive upside. So there really are two scenarios here that will most likely occur.

Number one is we see Bitcoin consolidate in this area, allowing some of these altcoins to see some price action to the upside, but not necessarily the parabolic price action that we saw in 2017. If you look at Bitcoin’s total dominance in this coin market cap chart in 2017 what you noticed is as Bitcoin was losing dominance, that’s really what caused the bear market. You can see around December 12th of 2017 Bitcoin went from 60% all the way down to around 34% which ended in January. That was an initiation of the bear market, while Bitcoin was losing dominance and altcoins were gaining dominance. Now that we’re back into the bull market, it was caused by Bitcoin gaining its dominance back. While the majority of these altcoins have been losing dominance. So I think where we’re at right now is a very critical point in time as Bitcoin is currently at 60% dominance. It’s currently seeing price action, parabolic to the upside, which is not occurring with Altcoins. Will we will Bitcoin break the 65% dominance mark, allowing us to head back to 80% dominance and then allowing altcoins to lose dominance, but for some of them to see moderate price action to the upside.

The second scenario is Bitcoin loses dominance, it crashes down, and then we start to see altcoins rise up. I just don’t believe that’s going to be the case just because of the fact that when we look at Bitcoin’s dominance rising across the board against all of these Altcoins, it’s very similar to what’s happening right now with Gold. As you can see with Gold, Gold is overtaking almost every currency right now and it just broke all time high since 2014 and so it’s almost like Gold is acting as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is acting as Bitcoin, the crypto market against Altcoins, but Gold is acting as Bitcoin when in comparison to Fiat currencies.

In my opinion, we’re starting to see capital move from currencies and from other investments and commodities into storage of value like Gold and Bitcoin that have limited quantities and do not have an unlimited supply. What we’re going to see here is just like what we’re seeing with Gold breaking these highs allowing these to rise in value in comparison to all of the currencies that quote unquote in the past have benchmarked against Gold. I think it’s going to be the same exact case here with Bitcoin because I just don’t see Bitcoin seeing major downside to quote unquote allow these Altcoins to go to the moon. I see Bitcoin continuing to head up but giving short amounts of breathing area for altcoins to see some sort of upside.

I do want to move on to confirmed transactions per day because this is a very important chart. This is a 2 year chart right here and you can see this is when Bitcoin was at $20,000 last year and we were maintaining these 400,000 transactions per day level for a very short amount of time. In comparison to now we’re, we’re a lot stronger in this market as Bitcoin is seeing more confirmed transactions per day than it did in 2017 when it was at $20,000. This is a very important chart that I don’t see many youtubers looking at.

But the biggest thing that I want you guys to realize is bitcoin is seeing a lot more strength. Right now it’s seeing a rise and dominance and I think what we’re going to see in this chart exactly what we saw with Gold and that’s going to be Bitcoin rising towards the 80% dominance level. Not necessarily taking all the altcoins down, but for the most part allowing some of the altcoins to breathe and see upside, but not the type of upside we saw in 2017 so the main coin to watch obviously right now is Bitcoin.

Let’s go ahead and look at some Ethereum price predictions and then we’ll go into LTC and then Ripple. I still believe we will see some upside for some of these altcoins but I don’t believe we will see these major gains all the way up. Like for example here with. Ethereum all the way up to these highs, I don’t believe we’ll see that. If we were to do a technical analysis, we’re looking at this daily chart here, Ethereum is still below its 50 day moving average. It’s below pretty much all of its moving averages right now, so it’s showing very bearish signs. Understand with market structure, we are at these levels where we’ll most likely see some buy volume come in and we may see ETH to the upside. But I just don’t see a Ethereum doing this anytime soon. I just don’t necessarily expect all these altcoins to go back to these crazy highs that we saw in 2017 because when this occurred, the market was not as smart as it is now. The market now understands where to invest its money and for the most part investors and institutions are really only looking at bitcoin and some of the top cryptocurrencies.

If we pull up this article here, UK regulators approved the first crypto currency hedge fund, why is that a big deal? We’ll understand the more and more hedge funds that are starting to go ahead and invest in cryptocurrencies it’s going to be the institutional volume that we’re going to be looking for with Bitcoin. For us to go ahead and pass that $20,000 price level and go into some new highs.

What we’re seeing right now is for the most part, retail investors, the only institutions that are here, the pretty much shown here in volume. You can see anytime we see these large spike, this was most likely institution, this was most likely in the institutions. This right here was most likely an institution because they come in and they dollar cost average into the market. They don’t just come in all at once. That would not make sense. So the institutions, they try their best not to make noise in the market, but at the end of the day when they’re depositing hundreds of millions of dollars into this market, like what happened when we initiated this bull run and that $100 million order from an institution came through Bitcoin went up 24% in less than 24 hours. So I hope you guys are realizing what’s happening right now in this market as there is a new shift in dynamics.

With Litecoin we are at these lows. Yes, this is most likely a time to get in, but we’re still seeing high sell volume. We’re still seeing downside indicators here. Like for example, that 50 day moving average, that 100 day moving average that 200 day moving average, we’re below all of those and were below the EMA on the daily. These are all bearish signs and therefore I think the best thing that you can do right now with altcoins is just swing trade them, take advantage of the volatility, but don’t hold your assets or your capital in altcoins because Bitcoin is really where we’re expecting to see the majority of capital flow into.

As we move on to some more articles, you can see here another confirmation of our analysis and I made this analysis on my own and then I saw this article today because we talked about this two weeks ago, right? And this is actually something we’ve talked about for almost a year here on this channel we are going to be approaching a market recession and we’re most likely going to see investors put their liquidity in storages of value like Bitcoin and Gold. At the end of the day things are predictable and when investors feel a market is potentially topping out, the most obvious thing for them to do is hedge their money in storages of value, right? If you guys don’t believe that, then at least read this article with me and it tells you exactly what that means. Here he says Bitcoin and Gold showing correlated moves will Bitcoin price rise from the trade war between the Trump administration and China. It’s been heating up and fueling concerns that the global economy is on thin ice. The fears have caused the massive inflow of capital into Gold and Bitcoin markets due to their scarcity and potential use as an economies hedge into Gold. The chemical elements and precious metals often used for orange jewelry and decor is also used as an economic hedge during global recessions, a store of value, and historically even a trans national currency. Bitcoin is the digital gold and shares many of the same attributes as the amber ,colored precious metals, Gold, but exceeds its benefits by lacking physical footprint requiring storage.

So not only is Bitcoin a better storage of value than Gold, but understand this, was Bitcoin around to invest in as a hedge against the market recession that occurred in 2008 yes or no? No, it wasn’t around. Gold was around but not Bitcoin. And so when you look at Gold/ USD, if we were to pull up this weekly chart, once again, we’re breaking these highs. What happened here in 2008 when people started to realize market was going to crash, you can see market went down completely, but gold continued to rise up and so understand that as we start to see this huge shift in dynamics in our economy. We’re going to start to see bitcoin see a lot more liquidity and interest from investors in institutions as an asset class that could potentially act as a hedge against traditional markets. It’s way better and way more useful than gold, so it just makes sense for that to happen and that’s why I’m giving away this book today, by the way, because I care about each and every one of you guys and when you don’t understand the financial markets that you’re in, or if you just don’t understand the economy in general, which is really just supply and demand, then you’re never going to be successful in an economy or in a financial market. You’re just going to be the person on the other side that the institutions take advantage of.

That’s why you guys have to get your sources from places that are legitimate and look at real fundamentals. That’s why we knew that this was an accumulation zone and we knew this was a consolidation zone because I’ve done my research and I’ve been in this market for 10 plus years, and so when you listen to somebody that knows what they’re talking about, you’re going to get the right information for you to make the best decisions. Don’t cloud your mind, that’s the biggest thing I can tell each and every one of you guys. So understanding that not only are we on the side of storage of value assets right now, but we’re seeing it in the press. That should give you guys a lot of confidence in this market right now.

Here’s another amazing article here, soon 3 million traditional ATMS will double function as Bitcoin ATMs. That is a huge step forward for Bitcoin because now not only is it going to act as a storage of value for a potential market recession, but it’s also going to be accessible by a lot of people. I actually just started advising this blockchain ATM company as Im currently advising 10 companies in total. I talked about this in the past and they have teams all throughout the United States. I was talking to the owner yesterday as we’re progressing through some of the projects that we’re working on, he’s seen that there’s a massive interest right now with ATM’s enabling software to allow Bitcoin transactions because they’re seeing a huge influx of international people that are needing Bitcoin in these ATMS for them to go ahead and withdraw money and capital from.

Even coins like BNB, you can see struggling, but I just don’t necessarily think we’re going to see them struggle forever. I think we will see some upside, I think we will see some cycles. It’s just not going to be what we saw in 2017.

User Rowdy says: BTT may have use case Tron has not proven itself yet.

Response: Tron has actually proven itself as a D application platform. It’s done very well in that sense because there’s a lot of great companies built on Tron, but the BTT coin, in my opinion, this is one of my long term holds. And the reason it is, is because Bittorrent is almost like Facebook. It has a user base already and they just launched their test net by the way, July 1st. They’re not even in main net yet so this is a very early coin. This was kind of like Ziliqa back in 2018 when I called Ziliqa out in March I believe. It went up parabolically and Ziliqa was not even on its main net. at the time. BTT is just another one of those.

And another cool thing about BTT is if you look at the Satoshi chart vs a USDT chart, USDT chart is just crushing it. Kind of like how BNB started, it started the same way where it saw these parabolic increases, the upside consolidation, increased consolidation, and it just kept going up. I believe that’s what’s going to happen to BTT. This is one of my long term holds.

Thank you all so much please stay tuned for what’s next as we grow the community by the day and continue offering the best signals and resources for all financial markets.



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