WAIT! 😳 2020 BITCOIN HALVING Price Prediction May SHOCK You — Wait Or Buy BTC Now? — History Says

The Bitcoin Halving is in less than 15 days. While many expect prices to soar before the halving, let’s look at some shocking historical analytics, that will give us a glimpse of what’s to come.

Bitcoin is in a tight range between 7170 and 7300 (bullish) but since it is the weekend we can assume this to be possible manipulation. I was looking for a long entry today however with prices going sideways and no movement, I’ve decided to pull out & wait for a further confirmation especially due to the weekend manipulation we tend to see.

I’m expecting equities to slow down this week & BTC has recently decided to correlate with indices when they go down but not up (check the chart above). The 7170 to 7300 range is important for now but a break below will bring the bearish case back to light. While a break above $7300 is bullish confirmation we have yet to top out & could see $8000.

With most markets bloated up over the last few weeks, I am keeping more capital on the side to be able to enter on some bloody days/weeks that are highly probable soon with the current volatility. We had a great week with stocks, BitMEX, crypto, and forex signals.

A big improvement in currency trading from the beginning of the month (due to changes in our system of posting signals.)

We expect this week to be very choppy so be careful as we get more confirmations on the state of our economy, Bitcoin’s direction, and the Gold price action that looks to want a bit of correctness in the short term

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